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Aug 28 00:42:33 Tower kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged
Aug 28 00:42:33 Tower kernel: EDAC sbridge MC1: HANDLING MCE MEMORY ERROR
Aug 28 00:42:33 Tower kernel: mce: CMCI storm detected: switching to poll mode
Aug 28 00:42:33 Tower kernel: EDAC sbridge MC1: CPU 10: Machine Check Event: 0 Bank 7: cc00394000010092
Aug 28 00:42:33 Tower kernel: EDAC sbridge MC1: TSC da57be17a2 
Aug 28 00:42:33 Tower kernel: EDAC sbridge MC1: ADDR 1c3fa51080 
Aug 28 00:42:33 Tower kernel: EDAC sbridge MC1: MISC 1425a5686 
Aug 28 00:42:33 Tower kernel: EDAC sbridge MC1: PROCESSOR 0:306e4 TIME 1630096953 SOCKET 1 APIC 20
Aug 28 00:42:33 Tower kernel: EDAC MC1: 229 CE memory read error on CPU_SrcID#1_Ha#0_Chan#2_DIMM#0 (channel:2 slot:0 page:0x1c3fa51 offset:0x80 grain:32 syndrome:0x0 -  OVERFLOW area:DRAM err_code:0001:0092 socket:1 ha:0 channel_mask:4 rank:1)


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Hi All, i need serius help here.... One of my UNRAID Server gave me a Warning with the Fix Common Problemes Plug-IN.... here it is.... with the mcelog.


Your server has detected hardware errors. You should install mcelog via the NerdPack plugin, post your diagnostics and ask for assistance on the unRaid forums. The output of mcelog (if installed) has been logged




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Memory errors

Jan  3 23:55:10 FILESSERVER mcelog: Corrected memory errors on page 2d78b2000 exceed threshold 10 in 24h: 10 in 24h
Jan  3 23:55:10 FILESSERVER mcelog: Location SOCKET:0 CHANNEL:3 DIMM:? []

Your system event log will hopefully have more info on which dimm you should replace

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Section 4 of the motherboard manual talks about the settings for configuring the System Event Log.  But, since I do not have a enterprise class motherboard I couldn't tell you how to actually access it.  (I would assume its possible via the BIOS or another option, or at the very least via IPMI)

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Hello All, well my problem with the server... what i did is, took out all SIMM and re put them in different slot. so far so good.

no more error, i found this a bit weird but hey... it's computing stuff. i don't get it but it works, for now,


Thanks all for your help.


p.s. is there a way to update the server to RC8 with an SSH command ? because i can't get to the GUI.

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Yes but, i tried all i could think... i know that should be fix before, but it happen when i upgraded to R3 i think. and i can't log in since, so i figure it might be something in R3, so by Updating to R8 maybe it could fix that for me, but i don't know if there are a SSH Command to upgrade. and the worst of it, it happen on 2 server and the third one well i did not reboot it because i don't want to loose access to this server to, i need it to work. so i'm a bit lost here.

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Hello all, could i get help, i still don't have access to my 2 server, and it maybe due to certificate... my working UNRAID server as an address finishing with myunraid.net and my other two does not, so i'm guessing that is my problem...

how to fix that without the access to the GUI? i do rely need help here.....Please.

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i don't understand, my LAN ip is and aren't they private ?


And by the way, i finally found my problem with my 2 servers, it was actually the ssl that was not in the address for some reason,

i fix it by deleting the certs in the USB flash/config/ssl/certs.

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