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  1. Hello All, Ok now i give up, Anybody got the dam yarrs2 working in unraid Version: 6.9.0-rc2 delugevpn from binhex. i'm not sure if i tried everything, but i did try a lot, so now, i'm at that point to ask seriously if anyone have this working for real, cause i doubt it does work. so please i need someone that can relay help me fix this YARRS2 please please please... Andre
  2. i try 2.1.2... and 2.1.3..... all the same .... it's simply not working i don't get it.
  3. i try the link you gave me and the one that the site link us to go get it and i try YaRSS2-2.1.4-py3.7 and YaRSS2-2.1.4-py3.8 and it still does not work... it appear in the right windows, i select it and nothing else... not working.... relay don't know why it's not working.
  4. Hi Danuel, thanks for the respond, i know witch version but when i install it, it's ok for me to select the YaRSS2 on the right windows but it should appear in the left windows and it doesn't, so i cant get access to it to setup any RSS Feed. i simply don't know what to do to make it work anymore, i'm out off option.
  5. OK cool thanks, i will do that remove the wright to cache for this end re-enable it after. thanks for your help very appreciated. AndreB
  6. Yes, i'm writing a lot of files 8TB of files but the cache is 1TB SSD and it tels me that the drive is low on space and the Mover does not kick in to move files before the cache fill up... and then all freeze with the cache full... i will change my 50GB docker.img to 20GB thanks for the info. AndreB
  7. here you go, and thanks for your help... If i may ask a question of topic... i have two UNRAID and one TrueNAS what would be best setting port for all, two UNRAID with the same port or all with there own port(80 or 443). AndreB.
  8. HI, i have the same problem the cache drive gets full and it is set up to YES=CACHE i use Version: 6.9.0-rc2
  9. in your cache drive /appdata/binhex-delugevpn/plugins
  10. @Jorgen I use a dedicated NIC, i have 3 NIC so, i used one for delugevpn, and i dont have anything else install, so i dont understand a conflic of port??? thanks
  11. Thanks for the info for my password... i erase all docker so no port is in use i guess.
  12. Hi all, last night my docker of delugevpn was working and this morning i try to log in and it didint work so i unstal it and instal it again but now this is what i get... it's not working anymore and i realy need help cause i dont know why it's not working anymore. i have a 404 error on start up and when instaling it does give me this error.... see below. Command: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='binhex-delugevpn' --net='eth1' --ip='' --privileged=true -e TZ="America/New_York" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'TCP_PORT_8112'='8112' -e 'TCP_PORT_58846'='58846' -e 'TCP_PORT_58946'='58946' -e 'UDP_PORT_58946'='58946' -e 'TCP_PORT_8118'='8118' -e 'VPN_ENABLED'='yes' -e 'VPN_USER'='xxxxxxxx' -e 'VPN_PASS'='xxxxxxxxxxxxxx' -e 'VPN_PROV'='pia' -e 'VPN_CLIENT'='wireguard' -e 'VPN_OPTIONS'='' -e 'STRICT_PORT_FORWARD'='yes' -e 'ENABLE_PRIVOXY'='yes' -e 'LAN_NETWORK'='' -e 'NAME_SERVERS'=',,,,,,,' -e 'DELUGE_DAEMON_LOG_LEVEL'='info' -e 'DELUGE_WEB_LOG_LEVEL'='info' -e 'ADDITIONAL_PORTS'='' -e 'DEBUG'='false' -e 'UMASK'='000' -e 'PUID'='99' -e 'PGID'='100' -v '/mnt/user/appdata/data':'/data':'rw' -v '/mnt/user/appdata/binhex-delugevpn':'/config':'rw' --sysctl="net.ipv4.conf.all.src_valid_mark=1" 'binhex/arch-delugevpn' 59f1aeac46f5dc376d6e6dedb3425acb5d81a9f0a776fd5f5783481aefe24dd6 /usr/bin/docker: Error response from daemon: Address already in use. The command failed. help please someone.... Andre
  13. Thanks binhex, i did it and now i see them in the wright but ItConfig look like its working but LabelPlus and YaRSS2 does not work... thanks again for you're help. i guess its because of the version of deluge i have 2.0.4.dev38. André
  14. Hi binhex, i have problem loading 3 egg plugin in deluge, itconfig, LabelPlus and YaRSS2... in the latest version of Deluge. i download them and select them in deluge but it does not appear in the plugin, so is there a problem with these or is it me, in delugevpn in unraid and a fresh ubuntu server install , not working so i don't knot what to do anymore...
  15. Hi All... well i'm kind of new in UNRAID about 2 years but i would like ZFS and ISCSI would be 2 big improvement i guess and Snapshots and easyer capabilities for acces to the share in the array from a VM to use.. don't know if i sound clear on this one lol... So there is it... 1. ISCSI 2. ZFS 3. Snapshots For these i know from FreeNAS now TrueNAS and Snapshots because UNRAID people are not adding a third Parity drive :( but who am i to ask 2 Parity four 22+ Disk, it's not a very good ration. But Multiple Array Pool would help alote to.