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  1. Thanks, for the info... you are wright i mist the VM And Docker... wow ok, will try this again tomorrow and will let you know if i got it working. million thanks again for your respond.
  2. Hi, i'm using ASUS 10GB both rj45 and sfp+ and unraid as no problem with them... that is if my problem is not related to this card. well i have a different problem, i have a supemicro x9 and x10 model with both as 2 1Gb Nic on board. and i'm adding the Asus 10GB but i can't get it to work because unraid automatically make a routing Table for all the card and does not let me change the config, and not only the 10GB is not working but i loose all the card. is there any setup i should know about or manual config i can do, and if so how i do this ? i have 3 unraid servers and 2 computer that i want to work on the 10GB network on a subnet with no out connection to the net, it's for file transfer only.
  3. Ah ok cool, thanks for the info, i will work on this to change all my IP to Private. Thanks again guy's
  4. i don't understand, my LAN ip is and aren't they private ? And by the way, i finally found my problem with my 2 servers, it was actually the ssl that was not in the address for some reason, i fix it by deleting the certs in the USB flash/config/ssl/certs.
  5. Hello all, could i get help, i still don't have access to my 2 server, and it maybe due to certificate... my working UNRAID server as an address finishing with and my other two does not, so i'm guessing that is my problem... how to fix that without the access to the GUI? i do rely need help here.....Please.
  6. Hi, here are the two that i could copy, filesserver is the one i still have access because i did not reboot, mediaserver is one of the two i did reboot that i don't have access to the GUI anymore. i may have updated the key for My if this can help...
  7. Yes but, i tried all i could think... i know that should be fix before, but it happen when i upgraded to R3 i think. and i can't log in since, so i figure it might be something in R3, so by Updating to R8 maybe it could fix that for me, but i don't know if there are a SSH Command to upgrade. and the worst of it, it happen on 2 server and the third one well i did not reboot it because i don't want to loose access to this server to, i need it to work. so i'm a bit lost here.
  8. Hello All, well my problem with the server... what i did is, took out all SIMM and re put them in different slot. so far so good. no more error, i found this a bit weird but hey... it's computing stuff. i don't get it but it works, for now, Thanks all for your help. p.s. is there a way to update the server to RC8 with an SSH command ? because i can't get to the GUI.
  9. i have the same problem after updating to 6.10.0-RC4 i cant log in is there a way to get access, true SSH or other way... the server log in is the same i cant get in too. it was ok befor the update... Andre
  10. i'm Sorry but i don't know where to look for the mother Board log, can you guide me to it?
  11. Sorry for the delay, health Problem happend... Still have the error message. thanks for your help... André
  12. My version is 2.0.5 In a UNRAID Docker. and it's runnig very fine here...