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  1. Hello all, Been running into an issue recently where SAB downloads get to 99% and then just hang. Queue Repair 9 times out of 10 corrects the issue. Can't really pinpoint when it started but seems to have since upgrading Unraid to 6.9. Any ideas? Figured out the issue a lower priority server was throwing errors, removed the server and all is running smooth again.
  2. Thank you both, A I feel like an idiot removing that leading slash, been fighting with the latest Radarr dockers complaining about the mappings... Well based off the suggestion to look at UD, I found it out dated, updated and all is back to normal!
  3. Started having a strange issue out of the blue, the docker seems to no longer be respecting the set /data path, which I've had mapped to an unassigned disk for ever. Now downloads are downloading into the appdata folder for the docker?? Any ideas?
  4. Playing around with this again, here is another error in the Unraid log which might point to an issue with this not working all of a sudden: Should also mentioned tried the qbittorent docker and getting same issue. credentials file looks good no idea what could be causing this, especially when things were working forever until now when nothing was changed.
  5. Just noticed a similar issue that the VPN died, re did my config no help, so went to re-install the Docker now I can't even get that to occur. Fails to launch even without VPN enabled, and the appdata folder is empty. Error I'm seeing when trying to re-install
  6. I'm having a strange issue. About once a week the VPN server is set to off. The docker is still running and hadn't been updated, I can access the gui locally and re-enable. When the server is running everything works perfectly. Any ideas??