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  1. These steps didn't work for me. Any other ideas?
  2. I've tried the steps above by rolling back to the older version linuxserver/openvpn-as:2.6.1-ls11 and I can't get the web gui to show up still. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Thank you! Always forget about the "Advanced View". That did the trick for me. Appreciate your help. I don't understand why /storage does default to read/write when installing the app.
  4. I was wondering the same thing. Is there a card you recommend for someone on a budget?
  5. Got it. I have a replacement on order from Seagate. I'll give it a swap. Appreciate your help.
  6. Anyone having issues restoring files. I get an error that the container doesn't have the right permissions. I tried following the steps on github and it created a second container that would start but I could never get to the GUI. I've got all my files backed up and see them in CrashPlan but I just can't seem to restore them.
  7. Sorry, I'm still not understanding are you saying the drive has failed and that I should replace it?
  8. No problem I figured out that is probably what you meant. I can't seem to get good performance from my VM. What are your hardware specs like? Do you experience any slowdowns? It seems like my VM is really sluggish. Also, do you just host your files on the VM and then access them on another computer or do you log in to your VM whenever you use Quickbooks? Thanks!
  9. Can someone help me understand Smart Drive Data? I've got some errors. I've attached the log files and posted the short self-test data below: I've tried swapping out the cable. The Hard Drive is a Seagate Ironwolf 3TB and it's brand new. My config is four 3TB Seagate Ironwolfs 3 are acting as storage and 1 is parity. I also have a 500gb Samsung Evo acting as a cache drive. The four Seagate drives are connected to a controller (I/O Crest 4 Port SATA III PCI-e 2.0 x1 Controller Card Marvell 9215 Non-Raid SI-PEX40064) The first two drive and the parity drive all have not had any issues and I ran pre-clear on all four drives when setting my system up. Thanks for your help! tower-smart-20190114-1505.zip
  10. Hey NWComputerGuy, I am looking to do the same thing you did with Quickbooks. How do you create a docker image of Windows 7. I can only find info on how to create windows as a VM. Thanks!