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  1. Another one over here. New CX500 500GB drive. About three weeks old. Getting the error since installing. I use it for my plex appdata (got tired of the mover taking forever when upgrading cache drives). This is going to make me avoid Cruicial SSDs for a while. Never had an error with any of my samsungs, SPs, or Sandisks. Some are 3-4 years old.
  2. Is your downloader (torrent) still working on a file? Wont move until its done.
  3. Turn every share except system, appdata and domains to YES. Make sure appdata, domains and system are set to PREFER. Run mover.
  4. You can do this without using losing data and creating a btrfs cache pool. You can move everything off the cache drive, reformat, create the pool, then put everything back. Its rather easy.
  5. Check it out. This is what you need to do.
  6. Log issues with SABnzbd? Ive looked everywhere and cant find the spot to change logging size and google hasnt been very helpful. Im sure its staring me right in the face. Edit: I did the extra parameter for setting the maximum logging. It fixed the size. But for just more knowledge, what setting could I of changed in the actual docker gui or command prompt to setup the app properly.
  7. You can browse the cache to see whats on there. Do a manual Move operation. After its done click on the little file button on the far right of the cache drive from the "Main" tab. There should really only be appdata, domains and system on there. If theres more go that share, set it to "yes" for cache. Invoke the mover again and it should move it off the cache drive. Once complete change the share back to "No".
  8. Make sure the setting for that share directory is set to use ALL disks. Default when adding a share is ALL, but if you might of changed it messing around in the beginning theres a chance it is set to use Disk 1 only. Doesnt hurt to double check. It wont start filling the 2TB unless its told to use that disk.
  9. Thanks for that. Still not giving readings for the nvme drive. Ive tried /nvme*, /nvme0*, and its direct location in the dev folder /nvme0n1. Anyone have anyother options I can try.
  10. HHDTemp docker question. I need to get the temps from nvme0 (m.2 cache). I get all the sd** just fine in grafana. Assuming i need to add another parameter to the docker. Can I just put a comma? EX: -q -d -F /dev/sd*, -q -d -F /dev/nvme* Or should I make another HDDTEMP_ARGS variable and duplicate the command with the /nvme* at the end instead of the /sd*?
  11. Assuming it would probably be a good idea to run parity check after Im done moving everything?
  12. I knew it would never be 100mb due to parity. Figured 40mb was a little on the low side though. I wasnt very organized when I setup unraid originally. Finally getting around to keeping certain shares on certain drives instead of all over the place. All the small ones are no big deal at 40mb, but tonight Im moving multiple TB of movie files to 2 different drives. Hoping to speed it up at least a little to 60mb/sec.
  13. Thats what i meant. Array disk to another array disk.
  14. Seems like this 40mb/sec is my norm. Ive done some transfers and it always seems level off at this. It starts at 100+ then after a few minutes levels off. Newer system. i7-7700k, all WD reds, 32gb ram, etc.. This is with transfering large movie files or small files. Doesnt seem to make a difference. Turbo write is disabled which doesnt really help with disk 2 disk anyway. This is a transfer from an existing disk to a new 4TB WD Red. tower-diagnostics-20190120-0906.zip
  15. Eyeballing actual servers. Tons of options out there. Plan on running 3-4VM (win 10 pro, win server 2016, ubuntu server x 2). Main use is downloading and streaming to multiple devices. A little plex use, most of my streamers are direct stream. Plex would only be when away in the RV or friends houses. Currently run nextcloud, sonarr, radarr, grafana, influx, delugevpn and a couple others. Could I get away with less like 2x E5-2650-2680v1s? Need it to be future proof. Wife probably wont allow another purchase anytime soon. Plan on getting one with the H310 so i can flash to IT mode. Any help is greatly appreciated.