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  1. I am currently searching for a lan file sync solution and since this docker is completely self contained I would be very happy to give it a try. I am planning to have my data folder on a (dedicated) unRAID share. Will this prevent the disk(s) for this share to spin down...or will nextcloudpi only access the data dir if users are requesting files etc.?
  2. Thanks for your quick reply johnnie.black. I edited my initial post to better reflect what happened (I had started the server once between installing the new PSU). So, I should not worry about the parity errors (even if there seem to be alot of them), run a correcting parity check and then delete the duplicate files after? Do I delete them directly from /mnt/disk[n]/... or will this be a problem with parity? I do have drives that show read errors in their SMART logs (afaik the number did not change during this though), but no uncorrectable ones. Thanks for your advice
  3. Hi, I recently had my PSU fail in my unRAID server. I installed a new PSU and the array came up fine. Did a (non-correcting) parity check and it shows 3547 parity errors. The turn of events: - The server went down due to the PSU failing - I tried to find out whether it really was the PSU by using a different one without putting it into the case, the server booted fine, started a parity check which I aborted (doe to wanting to putting the PSU in the case). - I installed the new PSU - I started the server and started a new (non-correcting) parity check (which resulted in 3547 parity errors, but no read errors on the drives) The Main page shows no read errors on the drives (which happened the last time i had parity problems). I had recently invoked an unBALANCE moving process to empty a drive. This was running while the PSU died. Some of the files that were moved during this process now show as being on 2 disks at once (disk 3 and disk 6 in my case, they were to be moved from 3 to 6). Any advice on how to proceed in my case? Should I proceed deleting the duplicates on drive 6 (or drive 3)? What are the next steps? Thanks!
  4. This might be a dumb question, but just be safe: The plugin states that the mover should be disabled while doing an unBALANCE operation and that no process should write to the disk(s) (only source or targets as well?). I can disable the scheduled mover using mover tuning, and I am *quite* certain that no other processes write to the drive(s). What can theoretically go wrong if there are processes writing to the drive(s)?
  5. Hi! Extended tests show the same behaviour for me. Also seems to be stuck scanning /mnt/user/appdata. Some observations/questions: - The extended tests used to finish in about 4 minutes. Not sure why it behaves differently now. - The scan seems to be stuck on appdata which I excluded in the settings (I am also unsure why this is needed since the explanatory text states that the docker appdata folder is supposedly excluded by default?) - I see very high usage on the shfs process while the script is running Has anything changed with the script (since my data hasn't changed that much)?
  6. I am indeed talking about plugins (sorry, I hadn't checked whether the category also contained core utilities). I guess I just don't completely get why there is a User Utilities section at all, or is that originally reserved for plugin settings? I guess my misconception is that most plugins that register themselves to this category seem to be tools rather than settings...that might be just me though...
  7. Hi! One thing about UNRAID has confused me for a couple of years now and what's the harm in just asking: How come the User Utilities are located in Settings rather than Tools? I find myself clicking the wrong tab even after many years of using UNRAID. Is there any reason for this (in my case not one of the items in that category is a setting)? Is anyone else experiencing the same or am I the only one? Thanks!
  8. Thanks everyone for clearing this up. If I understand correctly, when adding a drive to the array unRAID will: - not clear the drive it is a parity drive or replacing an existing drive - clear the drive it is a new (additional) data drive You mean that it is only necessary in this case because unRAID would clear the drive anyway, making it possible to skip or rather do this beforehand? Since I am replacing a (faulty) drive, unRAID would not clear the drive when I add a new one. The only upside a pre-clear would bring would be stress-testing the new drive to avoid early failure?
  9. Yeah, I thought about that. If I only preclear using one pass (I have never done more than one), is there really any advantage for me in preclearing? Or should I just replace my faulty drive and let unRAID rebuild it without a prior preclear?
  10. Is there any way to downgrade this (or other plugins) if it was installed via Community Applications?
  11. Hm, I think I will have to give it a try. Really need these disks to be cleared since one has to replace a disk that is currently disabled. Hope for the best...
  12. Just wondering: Can anyone confirm that the plugin (2020.01.17b) is currently working in unRAID 6.7.2? I need to clear 2 new disks soon (since I have a failed drive in my array) and would update unRAID after the array is stable again.
  13. Hi! Since one of my older drives is failing I need to replace it. My current parity is 8TB so I am replacing it with a new 8TB drive. I have been buying WD Reds lately, since the Seagate Ironstar would be a bit cheaper I was wondering whether this would be a good alternative as well. Any other recommendations for reliable 8TB drives?
  14. Thanks! So if I replace the drive and let it rebuild from parity, what is the supposed damage if the last (correcting) parity check detected 2 parity errors (and possibly made 2 faulty corrections on the parity disk). 2 files, 2 sectors? The log showed a lot more read errors (917) but the parity check ended with 2 errors.