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  1. pkill fails to run in the container kill doesn't return an error but the service seems to keep restarting has anyone able to successfully shut down the service in order to make db updates?
  2. I'm pretty sure I read at some point that there isn't really a need to use Unbalance as Unraid will handle things. If it will, then why warn? Should I actually use Unbalance to move things around to drives that have capacity?
  3. Makes sense. It made it harder to deal with since I had to remove a drive in order to go through the process but it's a reminder I need to upgrade at some point too
  4. Offline - I just meant that I needed to take a drive out that I use outside of the array in order to free up sata/power connectors I got through this but wasn't expecting it to be such a long process (clearing drive, copying data, parity sync) compared to just replacing a failed drive of equal or greater size.
  5. I can make due by taking a drive offline that I have outside of the array I use for other stuff. What are the actual steps? 1. Add drive - should it be in the array? 2. Copy over the data using something like krusader 3. Take other drive offline 4. ? rebuild parity?
  6. I need to replace a 10tb with a 8tb. The former is a shucked drive that has issues which I used when a 8tb failed. I want to replace the 10tb with a replacement 8tb drive. Even though there is like 3tb of data on the 10tb I get an error that the drive must be larger. How can I swap these two?
  7. I'm a little confused how the rebuild process workw - I had to replace a 8TB drive that was solely being used for new data for the last several months since it was a new drive... I assumed that the data no longer exists -> needs to be rebuilt from the parity drive But when I check the smb shares - the data seems to be mostly there. Does that mean it's ok to use services as normal? plex, downloading. Unraid did not shutdown the dockers running when it started the rebuild which adds to the confusion.
  8. So is this container supported at all anymore? Looks like there are issues with running the included scripts with sab because of mismatched python versions. Tried copying over from mylar 3 but still doesn't work Update: actually copying over the code seems to have fix the processing issue. Still errors out but seems like it's not important. Would be nice though if this container was updated so that at least the scripts are updated to work with Python 3.
  9. In case this is an issue for anyone else using multiple subdomains: don't use spaces between the domain and comma. it will fail to pick up the domains correctly
  10. I fixed my problem... [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation\Parameters] "AllowInsecureGuestAuth"=dword:1 It's because I'm on the Education edition of Windows 10 + group policy setting for enabling insecure logins must be broken
  11. So I upgraded two days ago and since then I have not been able to access shares that worked before the update. I have the group policy for insecure shares enabled but still unable to access. Anyone know what could be causing this? And just in case...all of these can access the shares... 1) Windows 10 VM pre May 2020 update 2) Windows laptop pre May 2020 update 3) Macbook
  12. Can someone help me understand what the "/logs" config is for? I've been going through some of my Docker configurations today and noticed that for this app. From what I can tell, the app itself seems to work as expected but not sure if there is any data missing from me not setting the logs to point to plex logs
  13. Got it. Thanks guys for the explanations. That's helpful! Server now where I wanted it to be and now also have a better understanding of how Unraid works
  14. What are you guys using to remote control the VM? I really want to replicate the experience that VMWare provides where the mouse and keyboard is locked into the VM until released. Really wish Unraid had something more suitable