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  1. Can I drop this in as a direct replacement for the standard pi-hole docker (using the existing appdata and therefore settings) or should I set it up as a brand new instance?
  2. Hi all, I have a 6TB drive that unraid has disabled due to read and write errors and is emulating. First thing I did was check the SATA connections and then I ran an extended SMART test which passed (results attached) as it passed is this drive safe to still use? If that is the case then to get up and running again I should unassign/reassign the drive and start rebuild? I didn't catch the drive being disabled for a day while my dockers were still running - should I be worried about recent writes being corrupted? Diagnostics attached - looks like the read/write errors started at "Aug 24 20:56" Thanks in advance
  3. I'm also having this error, /var/log with /var/log/nginx getting massive with the worker process exited error. Log being filled every 3-4 days and I'm not sure what's causing it - diagnostics attached
  4. I'm having this exact problem at the moment, did you ever find a fix?