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  1. I have upgraded my window 10 VM to Windows 11 a while ago. When trying to update it now says my computer is missing TPM 2.0 and secure boot. I am using a Ryzen 3900X which supports TPM 2.0 as I understand. Is there any guides of how to fix my VM so that I can update again ?
  2. When I open overseerr it takes like 30 seconds before the page loads. Am I the only one with this problem ? Is there any way to fix this ?
  3. I tried setting up FreeIpa but am having some problems getting it to work with authelia. I followed the youtube guide and it looks like everything is installed ok. I have changed my authelia configuration as mentioned in the guide and I can log in to the freeipa webui. The only thing that I have done is created a new user. But I always get "Invalid Credentials" after tying to log in using authelia. this is the error message: I also have another problem, when creating a new user and setting a password the password expires directly which is by desig after reading the FreeIPA doc. The user is supposed to reset the password on the first login and set a new password. But for some reason I also get Invalid credentials when trying to send the reset mail from authelia. Is this part correct "admin" method=POST path=/api/firstfactor remote_ip=<my_public_ip>" ? Should the post be sent from my external/public ip ? And could it be the cause of the problems ?
  4. Do you know if the problem was related to authelia or proxy manager ?
  5. I have been running unraid on my Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS motherboard since I built my first unraid-server. But I have hade some hard times since the beginning with IOMMU-groups and gpu-stubbing. I want to have use three gpus (two for VM's and one for transcoding/machinelearning). But the problem for me is that I never got the gpu stubbing to work. No matter what I do I always have to secrifice one of my two gpus to the unraid system and even tho it is stubbed the entire unraid system craches if I try to use the stubbed gpu. Also I have only been able to separate my USB in two IOMMU-groups so I only have one separate spare group for VMs, I need to use a usb-pci to add any more. So now I want to cahnge my motherboard to something different that have 3 pci-e x16 lanes and hopefully better IOMMU-groups for usb. I have found these motherboards so far that is in my price range: ASUS ROG Strix X570-F Gaming Gigabyte X570 AORUS PRO ASUS Prime X570-Pro Have any one used one of theose boards with unraid and can give any tips if there are any problems ?
  6. sorry for spamming, but does anyone know why I get the problem described a few posts up ?
  7. I followed the Authelia tutorial on youtube and have set up Nginx Procy Manager and Authelia. It works pretty well but I have one problem. If I for example visit "" I get the Authelia login-screen and am able to login and gets transfered to overseerr. But if I after that go to the same url : "" or any other url that I have set up using Authelia/Proxy Manager I get an Authelia screen saying I am already logged in and my only option is to log out. After logging out I need to close the current Authelia login-screen as the extra routing url-info will have dissapeared. I then need to again go to my desired domain and now I get to the login-screen again and if I log in I get routed correctly again. What have I missed ?
  8. Did anyone solve this problem ? I have the same problem
  9. ahhh, finaly. I opened vm-manager settings and deleted/re-downloaded the "file" and now I get the vm tab to work again.
  10. I disabled c-state control and the powerstate Idle settings as in the faq. 1 min after starting the VM manager all cpu-cores gets stuck at 100% then the server craches again.
  11. Ok, my server has been running fine for over a year with the same hardware and now it only craches when I enable VM manager. Can it still be caused by the bug you mentioned?
  12. I tried removing everything from domains and iso folders and started vm-manager again. After 30 seconds all cpu cores are at 100% then unraid crashes and are unresponsible
  13. Can I just wipe the VMs in some way. Just deleting/renaming the folders/files under domains did not seem to work. What do I need to delete change to reset the VM-manager completly ?
  14. update2: I pulled the stick and looked tried to open domains.cfg from a laptop and it said that the domains.cfg was corrupt. I tried repairing the drive from rightclicking in windows explorer and afterwards the domains.cfg had been removed I also tried downloading 6.8 from but I get "Failed - Forbidden" when rightclicking and trying to download. If I just click the link I just get some error-message.