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  1. I have tried like 5 times now following the guide exactly. I even moved to a new server with new hardware with same result. The closest I have got is that I now got a "crypt file" with random letters in my media folder on google drive which is the mountcheck I believe. If I add another random file to /user/mount_rclone/google_vfs/ I get another encrypted file in my media folder. But nothing from google drive shows up on my server in any of the folders. And if I try with a standard rclone mount command I can mount my google drive to a folder without problems.
  2. I tried changing to a cache instead and mounted manually. Now I get a folder and can see all my google drive media. But when I add that folder to Radarr and try to do a bulk-import of movies the log get flooded with: "Unraid emhttpd: error: get_filesystem_status, 6512: Operation not supported (95): getxattr: /mnt/user/media" Does anyone know why?
  3. Ok, but all folders are empty and nothing gets uploaded or downloaded from the crypt-folder on my google drive. And where am I suppose to see all my mediafiles from the google drive to be able to add them to plex?
  4. Ok, I changed my mind and tried using the crypt. But I don't understand how to get my google drive media to show up in any of the folders. I noticed that I get a new "crypt" folder on google drive, but if I add any files to it nothing shows up in any of the unraid folders.
  5. What modifications do I need to make if I want to use this method but without crypt and teamdrives?
  6. I have mounted my google drive folder using a cache and can see all my media files in it. But when I use radar and bulk-import on the path I get "Array-undefined" after a while and have to restart unraid to get my disks back. I have also tried the same thing on another server with the same result. Does anyone know why this happens? this is the mount-command: And this is the rclone config: [gdrive] type = drive client_id = <> client_secret = <> scope = drive root_folder_id = service_account_file = token = {"access_token":"<>"} [gdrive_media] type = cache remote = gdrive:Media chunk_size = 16M info_age = 2d chunk_total_size = 20G
  7. yes, I have tried mounting /google and even /google/<some other folder on the drive>. As the google drive is already mounted I can browse and select the folder from the docker-settings. And when syncing I see that folders and files are created on google drive, but the problem is that only folders and very small files 0-~5kb are created
  8. yes I have tried /mnt/disks too. The Cloud Commander docker works and is able to read/write to the mount. But I dont know how that works as that container mounts "/" and then you browse using the web-ui
  9. Here is my rclone config. But as I think I said earlier, I can read/write to the mount without problem if I use the Cloud Commander app
  10. Can anyone help me understand how to set things up. I got an seedbox where I have my torrent client and 300GB of storage. On my unraid-server I got a folder called "temp_movies" where I sync the unpacked movies from the seedbox. I also got a folder called "gdrive_movies" which is a rclone mount of my movie folder on google drive. How can I use radarr to monitor the "temp_movies" folder and move/update the files to my "gdrive_movies" folder ? I tried following the spaceinvader tutorial but could not figure out how to configure radarr. I have added my torrent-client under Remote Path Mappings where the remote path is the download path on my seedbox. But I cant figure out what the local path should be, Is it the temp_movies or gdrive_mount ?
  11. I am using the Syncthing docker container. I have tried restarting both the docker-container and the server multiple times without change. I also tried moving the mountpoint between different disks and tried modifying the mount-script. But I noticed a strange thing today. I changed the remote folder to a new folder on google drive, and this time folders where created again but also some small files like jpeg-thumbnails and .nfo files. But no "big" files where created
  12. Yes, I have tried everything. Right now it is mounted as r/w slave
  13. No, I have been manually starting the docker-containers after the script
  14. The "LadingZone" path is a local path on the drive and it works. But the google drive path does not seam to allow writes. I can see 0 byte tmp-files and empty folders being created on my google drive but no actual files gets created.
  15. But I can read and write to it with no problems when using a filebrowser on unraid, it is just when trying to write to the share when it is mounted in a docker container that it fails.