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  1. Hallo. Könnte ich denn den data Ordner vom linuxserver nutzen, um nicht die ganzen Ordner und Dateien rüber kopieren zu müssen? Und dann irgendwie neu einlesen oder so?
  2. Hach was für ein Zufall. Ich bin auch seit ein paar Tagen am Überlegen, ob und wie ich auf den knex666 Docker umziehen sollte.
  3. Yes, it works. Is it also possible to specify 2 times? So for example at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.?
  4. @T0a Hi. I've just tested it. PAPERLESS_FILENAME_FORMAT: {created} - {title} It works quite well. I don't really like 2 things yet. How to save the documents in Paperless: 2020-04-28-0000000000 - test-0000007.pdf Better would be 2020-04-28 - test Can i remove the time (0000000000) and the counter (0000007) at the end?
  5. Hi i solved the issue. I had to add this in the docker container: PUID:99 PGID:100 Now it works.
  6. No that doesnt help me. that are my settings:
  7. Thanks i got it. But on the first start i have this issue: Recommended apps list of apps cannot be obtained from the app store And on nextcloud i have this issue: When on the files page I get a message saying “Problem loading page, reloading in 5 seconds”
  8. Hi. Is there a way to use this docker in brigde mode for the network, so i can use mysql? I have no idea how to connect to the mysql database. Error while trying to create admin user: Failed to connect to the database: An exception occurred in driver: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No route to host With the linuxserver docker it works.
  9. Hi. This Pull-Request ist that what im looking for. That would be great. How does this work when its ready? Work this only for new files?
  10. Hi there. Can the GUI also be changed to German? Can i keep the original file name? I save my documents according to this scheme YYYY-MM-DD - template. If I see it correctly, the documents in the originals folder are simply numbered consecutively without meaning.
  11. Thank you. You can only store a time in the BIOS. But I need 2. A PI would be an option. But I have another device that has to run around the clock. Would it be possible to implement something like this with Wake Up With an RTC Alarm?
  12. Hi there. I use the sleep plugin to let Unraid sleep. Now I want the server to wake up automatically twice a day. Once at 8 a.m. and once at 8 p.m. How could I do that? I am a total beginner in Linux and it would be nice if someone could help me. Thank you.
  13. Thanks. So I wanted all the traffic from Firefox to go through the vpn. I want to protect my privacy.