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  1. Dear ich777, Could we please get a Terraria server, complete with Tshock? That would make me sooooo happy. Cheers Tee
  2. Hello! Been running UD for a while. Just updated to the last version, and for some weird reason, all i can see in the UD section is the Unraid loading animation. Same when I hit on the plugin icon in Plugins. Anyone else has that issue? Should I just completely restart Unraid? T logs: Feb 13 21:04:02 NoodleNet php-fpm[10142]: [WARNING] [pool www] server reached max_children setting (20), consider raising it Feb 13 21:10:53 NoodleNet nginx: 2019/02/13 21:10:53 [error] 10212#10212: *994825 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "POST /plugins/unassigned.devices/UnassignedDevices.php HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock", host: "", referrer: "" load is around 20, which is super bad. second edit: since the load was terrible, I rebooted it all. seems to be back to normal.
  3. All good, brother! Working fine for me. Cheers!
  4. @olehj new update seems to have broken the plugin completely for me. Green puzzle icon instead of regular plugin icon, and clicking on it gives a blank page
  5. Just tested the new update, works flawlessly. 🤘
  6. It's not only that serial in your plugin, i checked it out and both SMART and Unraid reports the serial as is. So yeah, might be a good idea to rely on something else for disk identification in the long run. Mind you, it's ADATA, and i don't know for other manufacturers. Brother, you're most welcome, it's my pleasure to help you debug and improve on that plugin. I consider that what you did with that plugin should already be in Unraid in the first place. So, anything you need me to provide or test, I will do if possible. Also, sent you monies for a beer. You deserve it.
  7. root@NoodleNet:~# smartctl -i /dev/sdh | grep LU LU WWN Device Id: 0 000000 000000000 Freaky, huh??
  8. Then this is a bit weird: 1:0:6:0 0000000000000000 ADATA SU655 2I4220072140 480.1GB SSD 2.5 inches Are SSDs lacking Logical Unit Numbers for a reason?
  9. Fantastic! Thank you so much for your help! Thanks to you, now I will know in which damn tray which drive is, in case one of them fails I noticed it doesn't work with SSD disks, but you had warned me about it, and it's fine because it's the only SSD disk in the array, so by elimination, I know which one it is. It doesn't display the SSD temp either, but meh! I think we can all live with that Again, great work. You made a very useful plugin, which I think everyone will really enjoy. I know I will! Cheers
  10. 10-4! HUZZAH! WE GOT A WIN! Tested flawlessly on Chrome x64, Firefox x64, and Firefox Linux/x64. Tried multiple drives. They all respond with a beautiful blinkage. Thank you so much! Now that plugin is damn shiny! Cheers!
  11. Sadly, still no dice for me. I really wonder why it's doing that... Chrome + Firefox on Windows = no dice. However, i DID manage to get something out of Firefox for Linux, but. It works once. Once it's stopped again, it won't work again.. until i reload the page. Then, it works again, once. And then won't work again after stopping it again. Now, even after a page reload, it won't work anymore. It's the weirdest thing.
  12. Just updated it as soon as it came in! Sadly, still no dice, but let me completely remove and re-install the plugin, plus i'll clear cache and everything. Stay tuned!
  13. This does work flawlessly. I get disk LED activity. The second command does indeed stop the process. So there's something between JS and PHP. Tested it on Firefox and Ubuntu. Nope. And i THINK i know what's maybe possibly going on. I'm no coder, but bear with me. Checked through the Firefox inspector, in the Network tab. When I hit that button, it simultaneously seem to do a GET request both on the cmd=killall and then issues a cmd=start command on the drive. Is it remotely possible that there's a racing condition happening here? Like the kill command being delayed, and killing the start command as it happens? Maybe network latency could cause that. I tried adding a 'sleep 2' at the begining of the smartlocate script, but that didn't seem to help. I'm a bit baffled. Cheers!
  14. So am i, brother (Linux sysadmin here), but that's my home desktop which is a gaming machine In my case, I didn't manage at all, it's not even intermittent, the smartlocate function doesn't seem to be executed properly at all. Will keep you posted with the URL tests as soon as i get home. Cheers
  15. fantastic, i will test this tonight as soon as i get home. are you telling me you're testing it on Linux browsers?