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  1. Thanks for the input, Ram testing is underway, it didn't finish yet. That's also my best guess. also, yes - very short after the boot I caught the hang on the syslog above. CPU temps are certainly not locking up the computer, watercooled Xeons stay at 29C. RAM temps, on the other hand... might be causing this.
  2. Hello, Just upgraded to Unraid 6.7.0, love the new interface! However, after a random amount of time (10 minutes up to 6 hours) the server becomes unreachable, either by web GUI or PUTTY... seems like a freeze or a crash that doesn't force the restart of the server. I'm currently running an extended memtest, just to make sure everything is okay on that end. Is there anything in the diagnostics that looks weird? Thanks, L&M vicsiic-diagnostics-20190619-0727.zip
  3. works like a charm with OpenVPN! now I can monitor my server from anywhere :D for anyone else interested in getting this operational: 1. I used SpaceInvader's tutorial about OpenVpn AS https://youtu.be/EfBvvilnasU 2. added a few plugins (dynamix temp, NUT ups) 3. I did have to auto-detect in ControlR, I couldn't get right the manual connection :P result:
  4. Thanks for clarifying gentlemen, I'll go with the OpenVPN solution. @constructor - yes, I've been running a secure FTP, with SSL logins for some time now, I completely understand the bot issue I had to set auto-bans after 5 failed attempts, after seeing the logs...
  5. jbrodriguez, first I have to say thanks for such an awesome app! I've just gotten started with unRAID, and I had a few data rebuild scares (because I was silly, of course) It was cool though to be able to monitor over the interwebz the progress. One question though - I can't seem to get the Logs Display to work over the internet, even if I also open up the 2378 port I have only managed to get it working via port 80, for the basic ControlR information...