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  1. When I go to the vm tab it says : `Libvirt Service failed to start.` I think that the ssd cache Drive is missing -:- Investigating Meanwhile I post Diags again but with libvert failing to start I being a novice dont know how to enable VM service as you suggest. steves-diagnostics-20190408-0856.zip
  2. One off the error's I get is `Libvirt Service failed to start.` I managed to map the other's but have lost the libvirt image settings Ive uploaded my diagnostics as it may be of some use to someone helping me. Any and all help greatly appreciated. diagnostics-20190408-0246.zip
  3. Hi I have read the advice about starting again, I think I understand,(reformat the drives a different type then reformat them back again). I have had to rebuild parity which took a lot of time basically their is nothing to save on the array(parity) anyway. The drives should be empty. I have upgraded to the latest RC 6.7.0-rc7 however in the process of rebuilding the parity/upgrading some of the default share's are missing. domains, Iso, ... ... So I think the essayist way is just to start a fresh, as I can recreate the shares but the mnt points are not hooked up. All I want to do is run a few VM's for now. Given all of the above what is the simplest/best way forward, Id rather not go through the days of setting up parity again thanks. At present I have a paid licence for unraid and the key is on the USB-key I would rather just keep that, and not have to use my one lifeline key replacement.
  4. @Frank1940 Thanks brilliant. So easy once you know how.
  5. Hi @dlandon If I new how to turn off the HELP I would. Listen I apologize the screenshot was/is not mine its a quote of one from one further up in page 2 I think of this thread. Here's mine or at least part of it. I have briefly gone through the settings and can't see one that said "help" on or off. I am new to unraid.
  6. Hi I am I missing a setting somewhere? Along with RC4 came the explanation of each setting!! This in my instance is in blue I use the dark theme in Unraid. While I am new to unraid I wish to turn off these settings(explanations) only have them visible when I require them. I have quoted a screen shot which shows this tool-tip help in light blue. Its these that I am objecting to. They appear under each list in main(and other screens) spoiling the nice clean interface. A setting must exist to switch them off(Globally), yes one can do it manually each time but that is a pain to do. -- oOSGearOo aka Steve
  7. Hi Many thanks for your hard work, a most excellent posting. I get as far as step 8 [/etc/rc.d/rc.pulseway start] This produces error for me something is missing, Error -:- /etc/pulseway# /etc/rc.d/rc.pulseway start Starting Pulseway Daemon ... /usr/sbin/pulsewayd: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.0.9.8: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Error! I guess that the libssl.so.0.9.8 is missing? Iam running Version: 6.7.0-rc3 of unraid. Any chance of upgrading your guide pls, as I would like to get pulseway working on Unraid 6.7.0-rc3 and future versions. Can pulseway be installed as a plugin/docker/app!? Many thanks -- oOSGearOo
  8. Hello Ive moved on to windows 10, Iam trying to get the drivers of the video card(AMD Radeon HD 5850) an oldish card I know. I have win10 loaded and running on vnc, the problem is : for the driver to install it needs to detect the VCard, If I pass said VCard through it's not detected (editing live machine), I then tried stopping the VM and passing through the VCard but on start no display(on monitor/vnc). Talk about a rock and a hard place. Ps. Iam passing through the unraids VCard(in the machine) this is detected in Unraid. On another note I have read on here that this is not possible but ile ask anyway. Is there a way to drop files on to a share and have that share visible to the VM's? At the moment I have a poor man’s network, I download onto the main machine then transfer the contents to a usb drive, plug it into the server and pass it through. Surly there is an easier way. After all if you can cache windows updates surly you can pass a share.
  9. Thanks it was the passing through of the "Graphics card".
  10. Hi Here Iam new and still on a trial key for unraid I am just trying it out. I have unraid the latest rc, not stable but 6.7.0.rc2, Iam following videos on how to set up Unraid, basicaly Iam just toying around. I have to machines One win10x64 and unraid machine, separate machines on a local network. Both machines are relatively high spec gaming machines. This part is always glossed over in the videos I must be so stupid not seeing it. I have passed through the graphics card. I have started the machine(virtual) but cant see a way of seeing the desktop of the VM...... I can click on the icon for the vm and get start stop ... But no entry to view the desktop(bios, desktop or setup[KDE neon]) What iam I missing plz? The video and others have it connecting over the internet, vnc and the works, but they gloss over how to do it locally, to start with. -- Steve