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  1. @feins Try switching to another end-point instead of Spain if the issue still persists. I was running Switzerland with PIA but switching back to France seems to have done the trick.
  2. I could only offer some insight to no 1. Make sure you have 'Remove' enabled under Completed Download handling as this is what tells your download client to remove the files after completion
  3. I assumed something to this degree but I wasn't sure on the specifics of it, either way thanks for your quick response. Donation coming soon
  4. Hello, Top notch work with your plugins and support. I hope this is fairly straight forwards for you but I've setup DelugeVPN with Privoxy enabled and set Sonarr to use Privoxy. When testing via console on the Sonarr docker to check the IP address it's reporting Unraids external IP and not the Privoxy IP from the VPN. Is this normal behaviour that the console would still report as if the Proxy wasn't in place or is somehting wrong here? I've also checked the Privoxy with Windows 10 and it works correctly when using the proxy but this one has stumped be a li