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  1. First off I'm running unRaid NVIDIA 6.8.3 2020-03-05 because I run a gaming VM. Plex used to work fine and randomly started getting this error and becomes unresponsive. I do not know if a container update started causing this, as I didn't notice it until it stopped working. The only way to bypass is is to delete the Preferences.XML file, and restart. This sets up the server as a "new" server but it works. All the shares are still there. As soon as I made a change to any settings within Plex (ie. enable auto discovery,) I get this error again. I have a backup of my ple
  2. I love that the bar to enter into this system is low. My first server was a 1.8GHz core 2 duo with 500GB storage. I'd love to see SSD Array support!
  3. Thanks! If you already have an unRaid system I believe this method is a no brainier.
  4. Hey all! I made I video demonstrating a cheap security camera system being used with Zoneminder through unRaid. I didn't want it to go into too much detail, so I think it presents enough information to get people hooked on unRaid just as i was hooked. Please let me know what you think, and enjoy!
  5. Looking at the speed comparisons between Parity and Disk 1, there's a huge difference. I'll replace the drive. Thanks for all your help!!
  6. Here are the speed results. The only thing I can think of is that I added about 200gb of data over the past few days, but I don't think that should slow anything down...thanks.
  7. Thanks. Here you go. Thanks again for the help.
  8. I don't know why my parity check is beginning to take 2+ days. Nothing changed, updated, upgraded. Same hardware same software are the previous times. Any help would be be appreciated. Currently running a check, 15 elapsed, 24+ left.
  9. Hey all! I've been using unRaid for almost a year now and stumbled upon a post by congeato on the Home Assistant forums where he documented on how to install Hassio on a VM in unRaid. I decided to make a video about it as it was extremely helpful to me and maybe someone else will appreciate it as well. My unRaid server has an i7-2600 with 16GB Ram. Hassio performance is amazing! Reboots take less than 10-15 seconds and it's extremely snappy compared to a RPi3. Original link to the forum: