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  1. The best thing about unraid, in my view, is that its relatively easy to set up and then automate to run. Its one of the only non-windows system I haven't actually broken from trying to change settings, etc. I remember my last attempt at setting up my pfsense box fucked up to the extent that I gave up and reinstalled it. I'm happy beyond my initial trial and error my UnRaid system has been going strong. As for something I'd like to see - it would be to have backup functionalities in-built to the system, such that we can back up the whole system to another server / cloud provider.
  2. I've now done this step over 4 times over the past 30 days and somehow its failed. I've tinkered with the settings as well as tried restarting from scratch (deleting all the docker images and saved files) As for Maria DB, i just used linuxserver's docker with the settings advised(as per spaceinvaderone's tutorial). Since I had not put any data important in it - it wasn't a loss other than having to follow the step one by one again. Nextcloud also runs perfectly on the local server as long as I use the local network on local IP. Letsencrypt meanwhile validates the domains correctly as indicate
  3. I have so far tried redoing the steps multiple times, and deleting all the dockers and redoing it again. Definitely did not fix it
  4. Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to raise this - but after trying many things I have to ask for help on this. I have followed Spaceinvaderone's tutorial to set up Nextcloud and Letsencrypt (linuxserver's dockers). Nextcloud now works on my LAN but I cant get it to work with a domain or letsencrypt. Letsencrypt correctly validates my domain but for some reason, somewhere between that and Nextcloud, the forwarding doesnt work. My domain is with Namecheap, and the DNS is with Cloudfare. I've tried setting this to directly connect via A record and CName (via duckdns) but eac