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  1. I tried to do exactly. I've gone to the support page. I've read and read. I've got Dolphin using 8080, so I need to manually change the web port. I delete the default 6881, and change it. I add a variable path as above, and make WEBPORT_UI match the port I assigned. The only thing I haven't done consistently is remove the line about port 8080. Do I need to remove that from the config setup? I have tried this so many times, so many ways, and I cannot get the web page to load.
  2. I like community apps best. It's what convinced me to build an Unraid box out of old gear. To improve, I'd just like to see an easier way to restart nginx when the web interface dies. It gets silly to have to restart the machine after multiple attempts to revive gui.
  3. Sorry to jump in here a few weeks late... I too, followed the Spaceinvader updated HSierra/Mojave video guide. I bumped up to the latest version of clover, (4920) thinking that would be most compatible with Unraid 6.7 stable. I get stuck on "Scanning" as well... when you say you chose VirtualBox, where did you do this? in the setup of the VM, not using the SATA suggestion of SpaceInvader? also, did you remove the topology folks are mentioning? Thanks much, just been scanning the forums for someone with a similar predicament. I was up until 3:30 trying to get it to work, and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I wiped and tried 4 different times following the videos exactly, then updating clover, then downgrading Unraid from an RC version to a stable version. No luck. Any advice is helpful.
  4. I came to ask exactly this... but I WANT to force a share to be a master that's already being rsynced. I've been deleting and retagging like mad, and I now want the backup to delete all old files I've already changed. I've been extremely careful, and the files are backed up to a 3rd location. I'm assuming I can modify my current unraid script to the above command with delete and 2>&1 ? So I'm clear (and that's a big hurdle with scripts for me) - is the the comment 2>&1 defining which share is the master? thanks
  5. I've had my new Unraid up and running for a bit, but was getting weird speed issues, and I had one overheated drive. When I dug further into hardware, I realized I accidentally installed a 5400rpm cache drive I had stored in an old SSD box. it was 160Gb spinning disk... DUH. Anyway, the cache had been built and was running, but was also full and I couldn't understand what was up. When I realized the error, I went and found a Samsung 500Gb EVO drive I have an installed it. I followed the FAQ, and the array turned on, found the disk, and lists it as BTRFS.... as I thought it should. I checked BIOS before I booted the array and ACHI is on, and all options seem to support an SSD. My chassis is an Optiplex Dell 7010 MT. Currently, the dashboard lists the drive as Unmountable: incorrect partition layout... and I'm wondering if I need to manually reformat, or do something else? Thanks for any advice -
  6. I'm using 2 of these HGST refurb 8tb drives in my unraid - 1 of which is parity. I also added 2 6tb refurb drives, same He series. I know there's a lot of opinions on refurbs, and a lot of opinions on 4k enterprise drives. All I can report is that the unRAID is running well. I'm working on getting my cache drive to perform better, I installed a dumb cache drive by mistake. I am having slight heat issues with the 2 6TB drives that are the farthest away from any cooling. The 2 8Tb drives are staying comfortably cool at 90F or less...
  7. I'm just now building a cheap / intro Unraid. Mostly cheap / extra parts Optiplex 7010MT / 16gb Ram / i7 4 sata connections on board I'm replacing DVD with 3 x 3.5" cage. I have 1 PNY SSD (most likely get another for raid mirror cache); The question mainly is about mixing 4kn drives with Desktop NAS drives and what that going to do to my speed. I'm mostly interested in video streaming, but I've already got a Syno 918+ server. This new Raid will be for backing up drives as well. I bought the 8tb Enterprise drives for it, thinking I would mix in 2 8tb drives to a Raid5 and increase my storage (currently 4x4tb HGST DESKSTAR NAS) but it seems that they can't mix. Am I going to run into the same problem with Unraid? Or, can I just use 1 8tb for parity 1-8tb & 2 - 3tb drives for 14tb useable? I also bought a PCIe 1X card with 4 additional Sata ports. It's seeming from reading around the forum that it's a bad idea... But how bad? Speed hit? Lastly, if I want to take advantage of Plexpass transcoding on this tower, a GeForce GTX 1050i is likely the best option, right?