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  1. If that works you ll be my personal hero of the day!
  2. Hello everyone, can i byepass the matrox card with this plugin so i can use hardware acceleration with my supermicroboard? If yes which costeffective card can you recommend? Nothing special needed. Just one stream mkv Container 1080p Blueray rip 2D with true hd 7.1 audio. Hope its not considered a double post. I just opend a post at the hardwaresection with more detail.
  3. Hello everyone, due to moving to a different area my plex server was out of duty for quite a while. After updating the software (unraid OS, CA and Plex etc) i was wondering why plex stutters during playback of mkv blueray container. I read through some guides and found articles about activating Intel Hardware GPU to get the hardware acceleration going from PLEX. After some failed attempts and deeper digging i found out that my CPU supports HA from PLEX but since i have a Spermicro Board the Matrox Graphicard is used from the os with no way to adress the GPU of the Processor. I m looking for a low Cost upgrade of my Server. Maybe jost a new motherboard? Even though i dont have the remote control Feature of the board anymore. that would be fine. I use Plex to stream only one movie at a time with 1080p 2D and if possible 7.1 true hd audio. I have a Xbox One and a Fire TV Stick 4k Ultra HD as a streaming client. It would be great if you could show me a cost effective way to get plex going with hardwareacceleration. My options would be: 1. bypass the matrox card, 2. switch the motherboard while keeping CPU/RAM if possible 3. .add a non expensive low power graphiccard to my setup (Server not in the living room no noise problems with fans) 4. something i havent thought of yet My current hardwareconfig: Casis: Norco RPC-4020 CPU: Intel Core i3-3220T MB: Supermicro X9SCM-F RAM: 4 GB DDR3 Harddrive: 12 HDDs on 2x Supermicro SAT2 MV8
  4. @Squíd and Aptalca Thanks for your help. Sorry I thought I was using linuxservers docker. Had to switch ´the dockers a couple of time because of multiple problems : )
  5. Thanks for your help. I restarted the server and saved the logs for docker and tower itself. I can see an error within the tower log. But it doesn't tell me anything. My docker is part of the cache drive (Image). 20170911 Docker Log.txt 20170911 Tower Log.txt
  6. Hello Guys, have problems with autostart of plex docker. When I start the unraid server plex doesn't autostart even though the autostart button on dockers page is activated. I can start plex manually from within the dockers page. It works smooth when startet. Can you guide me what to look for to fix my autostart problem? Which logs do you need to assist me with my autostart problem?
  7. Thanks works now this is what i did: 1. download newest Version 2. backup all files on usb stick 3. relace all files on root and syslinux 4. run make_bootable script => Started just fine. No Errors and parity check is running at 125 mb/s. Looks good so far. Thanks for your quick responeses!
  8. Tried a different USB Stick with newest unraid. Booted just fine. Should I try and upgrade my UNRAID USB-Stick to the newest Unraid Version? Which are the minimum files I should Keep?
  9. Hi just boot error (can't find any OS). If I try with a different bootable USB-Stick, it ll boot just fine. Any chance of rebuilding the stick and keep the config?
  10. USB Stick mounted fine under Windows 10. Chkdsk found 0 Errors. Still Boot error.
  11. Not Jet didn't wanna corrupt anything : ) I ll try that in a Minute. Thanks
  12. Hello Everyone, I Need some help, since moving into our new house my unraid Server doesn't boot anymore. Bios can't find a bootable device. A different usb Stick with free dos boots up just fine. How do I get the Server up and running again? It was Version 6.xx. Thanks in advance.
  13. Output of reiserfsck (14 min): 1 of 97-bad_leaf: block 465044001, items 7 and 8: the wrong order of items: [3 8 0x1 DIR (3)], [3 9 0x1 IND (1)] / 9 (of 95 //75 (of 121 |block 26698894: The level of the node (22567) is not correct, (1) expected the problem in the internal node occured (26698894), whole subtree is skipped finished Comparing bitmaps..vpf-10640: The on-disk and the correct bitmap differs. Bad nodes were found, semantic pass skipped 2 found corruptions can be fixed only when running with --rebuild-tree What would be the next step? Should I do a "reiserfsck --rebuild-tree /dev/md5"?
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. I waited all night (about 8 hours). Nothing showed up. Update: Just rebooted again => Started in Safe Mode again => did a reiserfsck --check /dev/md5 again => Acknowleged with Yes again Now ist working and showing Progress. I ll wait for the check to finish and will post the results.
  15. Well Adapter works fine. Shut down the Server and made sure both Cards are seated fine. No Pd Disk Down Errors anymore while starting up. One more trival question: After activating the checkdisk command it won't show the progress or result of the checkdisk. What do i do wrong? tells me log will be in stdout. Where do i find that log? After bootup console Shows (by itself): "REISERFS error (device md5): vs-5150 search_by_key: invalid Format found in block 26745501. rmdir: failed to remove '/mnt/disk5' : Device or ressource busy" Unraid_Save_Mode.txt