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  1. When you say access, do you mean from the Minecraft game client? If the server and client are on the same network it should show up in LAN games. If not you could always try to add the server manually in the servers tab.
  2. I did try setting fuse_remember to 0 with the same results. I was nervous to try -1 because I have a large number of file/directory to cache and only 16gb of RAM? I can try the -1 and see.... Hard link support was turned off when I set this up a year ago. When I upgraded to 6.9 and started to have the issue I went back to check my settings and hard link support was set to yes (upgrade reset this?). I set to no, rebooted but the same issues persists.
  3. I am using a separate box for Plex and Unraid for file storage. I set this up a year ago using fstab on the Plex server and it worked flawless. After updating to 6.9.0 then 6.9.1 the mounts become "stale" and the media unavailable. After searching and trying different solutions I switched to autofs to see if that would alleviate the issue. It didn't and I still have the same issue of the mounts becoming stale.
  4. You can have multiple levels on the same sever but they won't be accessible at the same time. You would have to change the to match the level you wanted to play. You can have multiple Minecraft dockers running and with proper port forwarding you can have multiple levels assessible at the same time. There was some talk about doing this early in this thread. I have not done this so I cannot offer specifics. Found this
  5. I got the added port and variables set and it works as described. This a really cool feature, thanks!
  6. docker exec -u nobody -it binhex-minecraftbedrockserver screen -wipe That will kill them and allow you back in.
  7. Thanks for the awesome images and work!! This update will make the neighborhood kids happy when they get out of “stay at home school“.
  8. Here for this. Both kids W10 machines updated to 1.14.60 and couldn't access the server today.
  9. Is there a way to re-enable achievements if the cheats have been activated in a world? Editing level.dat doesn’t work with bedrock edition, at least I haven’t been able to edit the file.
  10. If you delete the world from the world folder then restart you should have a new world?
  11. I love the ease of use and reliability. I would like better support for Nvidia drivers.
  12. From an organizational standpoint it makes a lot of sense. Thanks
  13. I have noticed a lot of people have a separate container for movies, tv shows, music, etc. Is there a benefit to this I am not seeing? I ask because I am in the process of moving my media from a Synology box that I was running the Plex package on to the Unraid server I built. I have my Plex container path /media and host path /mnt/user/media which has subfolders (movies, tv shows, etc). Just thought I'd ask before I start migrate 23TB of media. Thanks