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  1. Ed You are so right - and I knew that too. Don't know why it slipped my mind! Thanks again. All is up and running well now. Apart from my Nvidia GPU passthrough on Catalina . Did you do a video which is relevant to this and Macinabox? Cheers D
  2. Squid, your knowledge is extraordinary and your help and contributions to the forum invaluable. However, I have noticed that your advice is very often extremely succinct to the point that, to those with a less than expert level of proficiency, it is not necessarily useful. The quote above is a case in point. Only if you know that you need to enter the Krusader docker container, search for the UNASSIGNED disks path and then change the setting to RW/Slave, is your comment of any help. Of course, if the OP knew that already they probably wouldn't have found the need to post. May I just plead with you, as someone who is often in need of your help, to be just slightly more expansive in your answers - always understanding the other demands on your time and the number of people desperate for help. With great respect and great thanks for all you do to keep this great resource going D
  3. Hi I successfully installed Nextcloud in a docker container but then due to other issues completely deleted the appdata share. Now that I come to reinstall Nextcloud I cannot either create the admin account using my original username or add it afterwards as a user. The error I get when trying to add it as a the initial admin account is that "Username is invalid because files already exist for this user" (see attached file) but that user does not appear on any list and, therefore cannot be deleted. If I try to add the username using the web GUI, I get the error "An error occured during the request. Unable to proceed. Bad request". The Mariadb has also been deleted, reinstalled and a new database created. It seems that the original username is stored somewhere even though it is not visible. Are you able to help me delete it so that it can be used again? Many thanks D Files already exist for this user.rtf
  4. Thanks so much I'll try that and get back to you. Cheers 🤗
  5. I have tried and failed to get Macinabox to work for me on either Mojave or Catalina. The Macinabox docker is configured like this: I get a (supposedly) successful install of macinabox VM: Macinabox Catalina install Log.rtf using a VM config of: Macinabox Catalina VM XML.rtf However, when I start the VM it loads the clover screen but when I press Enter to install it hangs with a blank screen. I have a 500Mb/s internet connection and have left it overnight in case it was downloading anything. Apart from the blank (black) screen, the first thread of the CPU runs non stop at 100%, (see screenshot below) so I'm guessing something isn't right. The current config shows me using 2 cores of the CPU and 4Gb RAM. I have tried with 4 cores (not the first one reserved for UnRAID) and 8Gb RAM. I have tried all sorts of machine types. Any of the i440fx machines produce an error about pci-root but all of the Q35 variants allow the clover screen to load but hang thereafter. I'm stumped. I'm running a new Supermicro motherboard with dual core Xeon CPUs and 128Gb RAM: Any help would be VERY much appreciated! I've managed to get a Windows 10 VM working perfectly - thanks again to Spaceinvaderone for his great videos! Sorry for the long post! PS Try as I might I couldn't find the OSKey to obscure. Has this been removed, or does it only come up after successful installation of the OS? Many thanks D
  6. Thanks for that. Weird that I did a search for the exact fault and came up with nothing. Many thanks for your sharp eyes, though. D
  7. I am having trouble removing a Macinabox VM The message I am getting is: "Requested operation is not valid: cannot undefine domain with nvram" I have tried stopping the array, and rebooting but the problem remains. How to get around it? Thanks guys D
  8. I have the same problem. I am able to write settings to individual other shares. However, if I select multiple shares, only the first named is altered. I am running v6.8.2. This has got to be a bug in the software, no?
  9. Thanks so much. I have ordered a Supermicro X10DRL-i and 2x Xeon E5 2620 v4 CPUs. The hard drive controller is integrated, so fingers crossed. Cheers D
  10. I'm on the latest (stable) release of v6.
  11. Hi I've taken a look through this forum and the UnRaid Wiki but nothing leaps out at me. Could you point me to the relevant section, if it exists, or offer me your knowledge, pretty please? My original server built in 2011 has done me well but it is running at 100% most of the time now and will not countenance VMs, so I have decided to upgrade it to a more modern dual CPU machine. My question is this: Is it as simple as building the new server, plugging in the drives in the same positions as they were on the original and booting up via the USB stick, or do I need to follow a different procedure. Of course what I am terrified of is losing all my data either by drives not being recognised or by being wiped by the "new" system. Very many thanks D
  12. Brilliant, thank you Squid. I apologise for missing it. As you will appreciate, those of us that do not live and breathe UnRaid have difficulty keeping up. Having said that, I don't have any idea how you could better promulgate issues. I am, as we all are, indebted to you for all your wonderful help. Happy holidays D
  13. Well you are so right. Issue fixed. Thank you so much! However at the risk of a bit of thread creep. How does the community keep up with issues/ bugs such as this? Is there an email subscription? Or maybe a section on the forum? I really hate to ask questions that are answered elsewhere but this one was not easily found, I thought. Thanks so much, again. Huge respect. D
  14. So simple? I'll try that. Thanks so much D
  15. I'm not sure exactly where his post belongs, so feel free to move it if required, Mods. My Docker containers never seem to register that they are up to date. Not all, but most. I attach two images. one of the update log showing 0 bytes downloaded as the container images are up to date. The other is of the Docker tab immediately afterwards, following a "Check for Updates" request. Following the initial update the containers do show up to date but whenever an update check is requested they revert back to requiring one. You will note that the issue is not all containers. For instance both Binhex-Krusader and Openvpn-as both show up to date. I'm not convinced the issue is with the individual apps (most are from linuxserver) but more likely an issue in the unraid configuration. Can anyone help point me where to look? Grateful thanks D Docker updates.rtf