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  1. If i use the either "steam lan cache" or "steam cache bundle" they seem not to work with unraid 6.8.2 (prob im doing something wrong), but they did work with unraid 6.7.1 (@100mbps) and as i updated to 6.8.2 i did a fresh install formatted all drives (cause im still in the setup stage) and opted to use the 10gbps connection only, SMB works fine from my pc's ssd to the array about 550mb/s and thats cause the ssd's speed is 550mb/s read also i know the box has internet connection cause i installed the docker containers i did tried lot of settings and ip's and docker container network modes,
  2. Im probably doing something wrong, but if i use this docker container with unraid version 6.8.2 it just does not work nor does the steam cache bundle, but if i use it with 6.7.1 it works but with very low lan speed (100Mbps max) (also then smb works with max 1Gbps speed) what makes it useless cause my isp provides me with 100/20 connection and thats fatser then what i get from my unraid box limited by something software cause i have a 10Gbps fiber connection to the box anyone have any ideas ? ive tryied different network modes and different settings on all network adapters