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  1. All the movies in a folder at all time could be one option. To sort on time and alphabet would be nice. How much of the movie should ideally be until array hdd have spun up.
  2. The purpose is to reduce the time from you press play until the movie actually shows on screen. If Plex reads the first part from a ssd cache, the idea is that the movie starts playing faster than from a hdd in the array.
  3. User defined XX MB of first part of files in a folder added to cache. The purpose is to reduce time from press play to video actually playing. // Frode
  4. The film stopped later than when 19% was recorded. I will test again tomorrow. 128G of total mem, some 30% in use.
  5. It was not direct play. It made transcoding to max resolution. The ramdisk picture is somewhat misleading, 19% is just after few minutes play. The film started with long stops after a few minutes, RAMdisk full? That could explain what no stops after I set transcoding to a smb ssd share.
  6. I was able to setup as the guide. But a film lagged playing direct (116 Mb/sec). When setting transcode to smb ssd share, no lagging. How do I find out what is wrong?
  7. I was able to setup as the guide. But a film lagged playing direct (116 M/sec). When setting transcode to smb ssd share, no lagging. How do I find out what is wrong? // Frode
  8. This message started when going beta. A bug, or a error in my setup? maxx-diagnostics-20201015-1430.zip
  9. /tmp did not work for me, all resolutions removed from plex app. I rather transcode to a RAMdisk as a smb share. Is there a guide for setting up a RAMdisk as SMB share somewhere?
  10. I mean cache/ssd. When push play today it takes some extra seconds before anything happends on the tv. My understanding is that loading from a hdd takes a bit time. If the start of the media file would load from a cache/ssd, the time from pushed play to actual film starting could be redused. Is this a correct antisipation?
  11. Is it possible make a script that add the first x MB of each file in a folder to the cache?
  12. 1) Is it a way set up cache for the first part of of all files in a folder. IE., like the first X MB of each file in the media folder. The purpose is the speed up the time from pushing play and to a movie actually starts. I have already ssd for Emby cach files and transcoding on a ssd. 2) Is it a way to add ramdisk in Unraid? I was thinking of Emby cache and transcoding done to RAMdisk.
  13. I am trying to get a Vega 64 to work with Catalina (Macinabox setup). The VM template starts without any error message, but no IP. When initially enabling Vega in the template it was second graphics after saving. Removing second graphics in the template and reenabled Vega the same thing happened. Then I deleted the first graphics in form view and enabled Vega again. Template starts, but no IP. Anyone? maxx-diagnostics-20201008-1526.zip
  14. I had a different setup where radarr/sonarr was routed thru privoxy. Now I have changed that, and it works. Thanks,