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  1. Thanks. The link explains it well. Maybe it will be solved in the release of Unraid 6.9. I checked with and without Parity check running, no significant difference. Also checked with 90-100% load on the cpu`s, almost no difference. The biggest difference is inside/outside user path. About 500 vs. 1200-1500 MB/s. In Raid 10 nvme should do 5000 MB/s (outside user path).
  2. The Caches on the Server is very slow. Yesterday copy from cache 1 to cache 2 (or the other way) was about 200 MB/s, today 400-500. Same speed with copy from and to the same cache. Bypassing the "user" copy from/to Cache1 was 1100 MB/s. Parity has been running during these tests. That shouldn't influence the cache? Cache1: 4 x nvme in Raid 10 Cache2: 1 x pcie ssd Cache3: 2 x sata ssd in Raid 1 Cheers
  3. New technology is needed to increase this significantly. Seagate have launched MACH.2, but no word about Linux support.
  4. Hi, Seagate have launched a new disk technology they call MACH.2. Main USP is double transfer rate. More about MACH.2 here and here. In the articles I read Seagate have joined Microsoft on this. What are the chances this technology would be supported in Linux kernel? If so, what is needed in addition use it in Unraid?
  5. When not doing plex stuff, the gpu is doing a bit of folding. The gpu is trottled, is this hw specific or can it be switched off. The temp is only 37-42 C (liquid cooled), but the power is about max.
  6. Will putting the hole Array on a 12 G SAS HBA with SAS disks make any difference? In theory 250 GB /2.... Lets say if 100MB effective would be a good step up from 20-40 MB today.
  7. Thanks. So SSD support in the Array is needed to significantly increase read/write speeds.
  8. Well, not really sure. The first one not work out, then tried the second. I somehow misunderstood and the end. Well up and running again, I ram the script with forcereset="no". And then it worked.
  9. Many thanks, I was able to download the vbios. But I am not able to connect with the Vega 64 as GPU. I do get an IP address. When setting the GPU as secondary GPU I only get a black screen and no IP. I might be that it is something wrong with the GPU. I will pull it out, build it back to air cooling from current liquid cooling, and start all over again.
  10. How should the USB Controller in the VM template be set? Does it have any implication on passthrough USB hw? Cheers, Frode
  11. Great video, thanks. My AMD Vega 64 is a "fighting back gpu", not being able to pass it through in Windows or MacOS. Of, course it would not net go of the bios either.
  12. Dear Ed, I have: deleted the Container, template, appdata, scripts and all MacOS vm`s. restarted the server. installed the Container, first attempt failed. The second was a success. followed your video instructions to the point. during macOS restarts, the first two times the disk was named "Mac OS installer", the third restart named "BigSur". webUI still directs to the the YouTube video. http://[IP]:[PORT:7800] works fine. when adding new connection I get the same error as some other users. The vm works fine,
  13. When trying to connect in Wirtmanager I get the same error as mickeyosm