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  1. Changed Status to Open Changed Priority to Urgent
  2. All folders on Cache Pool "cache" not available from Krusader, see picture. Folders on the Array as well as another cache pool is ok. These "missing" folders are not visible thru DirSyncPro either. Folders on "cache" are visible and available thru GUI. But when copying/moving the /user is not available, see picture. I am able to connect to the "missing" folders from my Mac. I think it happened from RC5 to RC6. It is only on folders at Cache pool "Cache".
  3. Suddenly some folder are not available from Krusader. I'm adding it here because I think it happened from RC5 to RC6. It is only on folders at Cache pool "Cache". //F
  4. Is it possible to make a plugin that adds xxx ms delay on the video during transcoding?
  5. The section moved keep jumping back in the Desktop tab. Same as rc5.
  6. Thanks. Forst I removed every IFNAME not in the GUI list. Then I could connect to the Server. Then I deleted the "network.cfg" file and restarted. I seems to be ok now.
  7. Ok. How can I delete or disable ethXX which are not in the GUI or not as NICs in the Server?
  8. I have some issues in my Network, Fix common problems refer to a Nic not visible in the GUI. At the same time I have a lot of stuff in the Routing table, which I can't remove. I tried to reset Network once, but the I had strange behaviour from the Nic, moving setting between onboard Nics and pcie NICs. In the server it is 2 NICs and a pcie card (Intel 540) with 2 NICs. Hope anyone can share some light on this.
  9. Hi, I don't know if this the right place, feel free to move it.... I am looking for a way for friends and family to game on a virtual game server located on my Unraid Server as well as being my local game machine. Pretty simple? Not entirely.... Rather than having one game VM per person, all "gamers", both remote and locally, connects to the same virtual machine. All resources available one player, and splits when several players log on. One Steam account for the VM, but a Steam Account per user isn't a show stopper. Is this a known use case? What is needed hw and sw? Anybody running something like this? // Frode Craft Computing is having some footage on the theme,
  10. Cleared cache. Rearranged dashboard lost after dashboard - main - dashboard. Ot just updating browser page.
  11. I don't think docker image is corrupt as it happens on both server. For dashboard it happens when going dashboard - main - dashboard. Not closing the browser and clearing cache unless specifically needs to. I will clear cache and see what happens.