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  1. Hi, I am stuck with this error. I have updated permissions. From log: / line 39: /app/RoonServer/ Permission denied / line 39: /app/RoonServer/ Permission denied Happy for any help.
  2. I see. Thanks for the feedback
  3. Hi, Is it possible have the increase response of a cache together with the Arrays Parity? I like to see another cache setting. That keeps all files in the Array, and cached files upon user priorities, i.e.: - Most used - Size - Date - Type files - Part of files - Etc. One point here is that cached files always should be on the Array, benefitting Parity functionality. I have no idea if this is technically possible. Cheers,
  4. Suddenly downloads are down from typically 50 MB/s to about 10 MB/s, Anyone noticed?
  5. Hi, Suddenly binhex-delugevpn stopped working. I can not see why. Recently I could not log in to the server by "server.local", I have to log in with IP. Can that have something to do with it? Logfile is added. Happy for any ideas?binhex-delugevpn-log.rtf
  6. Hi, What are the advantages to run Unifi Controller in a Unraid Docker compared to on UDM?
  7. No, I'm sorry. I have to start all over again with binhex-delugevpn as Wireguard. binhex-delugevpn is working, but how do I see that Wireguard setup is working?
  8. Q6A: Q21. I now see that you support WireGuard, how do i switch from OpenVPN to WireGuard client? A21. Yes you are correct, all binhex VPN created images now support OpenVPN and WireGuard, for PIA and other VPN providers. If you're a PIA user then please follow this procedure:- Change Docker parameter from --cap-add=NET_ADMIN to --privileged=true (WireGuard requires privileged permissions). Where in binhex-delugevpn do I find --cap-add=NET_ADMIN? This is what I see: // Frode
  9. I am running binhex-nzbget thru binhex-delugevpn. Up till yesterday no problem, then this error message in binhex-nzbget: - TLS certificate verification failed for certificate has expired. For more info visit I downloaded a new conf file from PIA, no change. Before I start the Self signed certificate process, is there another way to fix this? Most happy for any help.
  10. Then I tested pcie cards, one at the time. And the devil is a Mellanox 40Gbe card.
  11. Same error with another cpu. Then I removed all pice cards, no error.
  12. I have another Xeon processor that I will try. That could make things a bit clearer.
  13. Thanks for advice. The same error occur with all mem config tested, leading me suspect the mainboard. New mainboard is ordered.
  14. I am about to convert a Windows Server 2019 to Unraid. The this kernel panic appear during startup. I tested 3 different USB sticks in 3 different USB ports When running memtest this comes up. It it a small error, big error? And likely to cause the panic? Note that the server is running Windows Server 2019 on daily basis. Any thought will be appreciated.
  15. Plex is working. Embarrassing. "Enable HW transcoding" was disabled in Plex server setup. I had an error with the cache, needed to reformat, did app restore. But did not check the Plex server setting. Sorry for the trouble. It is a FaH problem I have, not a driver issue. Thank you very much for the help. // Frode
  16. I am sure it isn't working. Disabling C-states did not change anything. Isn't it strange with Trotling at "Yes HW" when not in use? Mainboard before was Asus WS C621E Sage. // Frode
  17. Hi, The GPU will not do hardware transcoding in Plex anymore. Or Folding at Home. The GPU Dashboard shows switching 0% to 7% continuously with 0 processes running. And about 30-35 Watt usage. The mainboard is changed lately, and I have seen processes run on the GPU (Plex, FaH). Any ideas? // Frode
  18. Thank you very much. This way I have to make changes on remote router. Is there a way to change setup locally only?
  19. Hi, A friend needs a new Windows machine, and I said I can fix one remotely. How do I set it up without the VM being able to see/access the server? //
  20. Anyone, please. I checked this YouTube, and he is advising about the same as above link.
  21. I want to run VM´s on the Server as well as a Windows Server 2019 server`s VM`s in a VLAN isolated from the rest of the network. Running Unifi Dream Machine and switch, and follows this tutorial to isolate the VLAN. But the unRAID server is still available. UnRAID server vm`s is connected thru a bridged adapter (br6). On the Windows Server the vm´s is connected to a virtual switch and connected to the VLAN by the Unifi switch. I be very happy for any tips or solutions to have the VLAN isolated from the unRAID server. (Passing thru the NIC adapter to the actual VM may solve it, but then I loose 4 nics). Can the solution be in this setup? Thanks, Frode
  22. I want connections: "Remote access to a specific LAN" in my network, and "Remotes access to a specific VM in a specific LAN". Is this possible? // Frode
  23. Bios 0602 is out. I am running RTX 2080-ti as second GPU on a Win 10 VM, that works fine.