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  1. Thanks, got it going now. My issues likely were: old ovpn file, replaced with new one didn't wait long enough for new password to update with VPN provider before trying it with the container
  2. Thanks for looking at the log file. I didn't think to go back and look if my config files were still there. When I toggle the VPN_ENABLED "off" in the edit I am able to access the WEBui, when I turn it back on no access to WEBui. When my appdata/binhex-delugevpn/openvpn folder was empty I dropped in my .conf and .ovpn files from a backup. This got the log file dancing, but I could not get into the WEBui still. I grabbed a fresh .ovpn file from my VPN provider (UDP type) and deleted the previous .conf file. A new .conf file was generated when I restarted the container. Still no luck getting into WEBui and the log file was actively writing. I also have changed my password with the VPN hoping that might update something on their end for me. Hasn't seemed to, I still have the same scrambled username and password to input into the docker I had been using for nearly a year. It feels like I am getting closer now. 2021-06-08 Log File.txt
  3. I have lost the ability to get to the Webui for this docker and am looking for a bit of help resolving please. I have removed the docker image and installed fresh/latest version on my Unraid (6.9.2) server. I have tried clearing the cache in my browser. I get a message when trying to connect to it: This site can’t be reached refused to connect. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED I also tried rolling back to previous versions of the docker from March, when I know it was working. I have my server set to update my containers regularly for me. I am able to access the Webui of my other docker containers without issue. I have included my log file for review.
  4. Thanks, I have been able to recover most of the appdata from this drive. I will replace it with another drive and see what happens. This one has gotten hot recently, maybe caused some problems as a result.
  5. I am on 6.8.2. I am not able to write to my cache drive it seems. It is a 480 GB SSD and is only about half full. I have attached my diagnostics file for review. If someone could review the diagnostics and provide a suggestion or two for me to pursue that would be appreciated.
  6. Murphy's Law: As shortly after posting this comment I was able to access the WebUI with the changes I had made below. Looks like my question is solved. Moving on to learn how to set up cameras now. Original post: I am having a problem with reaching Zoneminder in Chrome when i click on the WebUI. I am on current version of CA and Zoneminder and 6.7.2 unraid. I removed Zoneminder and grabbed the current one from CA this evening too. I have changed the IP address and changed the port to 443 and get the page can't be reached after making those adjustments. What else do I need to tweak? Thanks.
  7. I have been thinking about a server at home mainly to run Plex (lifetime subscriber) in the short term and then other items in the future I.e. backup (Time Machine and Windows) and home automation, security camera as I learn about them. I was going down the FreeNAS route and was looking for some used equipment locally that had ECC memory and at least 16GB. After about two weeks of watching different local selling sites I came across a used ThinkServer TD340 with a single E5-2420, 32GB of ECC ram and some hot swappable enterprise 15K drives installed for a decent price. When I spoke with the seller he suggested unRAID, which I am liking the more I research (like being able to use drives of varying sizes). I purchased the TD340 and will start playing with it over the next few weeks. I don’t plan to use the 15K drives except maybe to play around a bit during the trial period. I have other SATA drives at home I plan to put into this machine long term (1TB, 2TB and 3TB sizes). I kinda jumped a bit quicker on the machine without knowing much about it and learning specifically about it’s compatibility with unRAID. I can get all the drives to show up when I have started the trial version of unRAID so I might not have to reflash the RAID controller. Other than boot it I haven’t had time to play around yet. I will also install a cache SSD drive (120 GB in size). If anyone else using similar machine and can offer any quick suggestions of things to watch out for or tweak that would be appreciated.