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  1. Hi, Loving much of unraid, using the docker interface quite a bit. I think that using this for large numbers of docker images would be much easier if the "docker allocations" was shown as a sortable table, there are at least 2 use cases that would be much easier. Sometimes you want to see the IP and port of a running docker, other times I am looking for a free IP and port when installing a new docker image so being able to swap the sortable column from name to IP and then port. (I know that docker can use many ports, perhaps sort on IP, then lowest port used), this would make seein
  2. Any chance of adding MyRepos which is perl based along with vcsh http:// which is just bash script. They are used to control Multiple Repositories (git, svn, mercurial) and to keep dotfiles in git repos and control keeping them updated on all your systems. Since mr is controlled by one file ~/.mrconfig, adding that in via the go script would be minimal recovery at restart times.
  3. I know the thread is old, but may be useful for some. I had a proxy setup for chrome, this broke the websocket connection to noVNC, making sure my unraid server was in the direct connections cleared this up for me.