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  1. I just did a first time install and transcoding was not working. Went to last page and found this suggestion. Manually typed in all the parameters in the plex docker and BAM, now up and running. Many many thanks for the hard work on this capability.
  2. It is a MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk. it does have a HDMI port and I do have a monitor plugged in. Looks like Hoopster had the call that i9 Chip is not supported. Thanks for the reply
  3. Arghhhhhh... Many thanks for the insight. I guess I reached too high in my upgrade! Any insight on what the most powerful chip that is supported might be?
  4. Hello All, After spending a lot of $$ on upgrades so I could handle more concurrent streams, I realized the limitations on Unraid. I have followed this guide but still not having any luck. Would greatly appreciate any advice on my situation: CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K Coffee Lake In all situations below, the Plex check mark box to use hardware acceleration is active and I have it clicked. I went into the BIOS and set to IGD (I have a MSI MAG Z390 Thomahawk) I tried both methods for commands in the docker; when I apply to either, the plex ser
  5. I am a bit of a lurker and even when there is an issue I normally just wait till it works itself out. Thought I would dig up my log-in and post so you know the faithful are still out there. I would rather you spend any time on a rewrite to take MG to the next level. Maybe then it will catch on, still don't know why people prefer all the work of Radarr and CP. I would help out if I could but my programming skills are limited, so not sure what I could do to help move the project along. Hopefully sometime in the not do distant future we will see the ultimate new vers
  6. Hi Binhex, I have been using MG for a very very long time, since way back in the day when you primarily posted on SABnzbd forums for support. Just want to echo support for MG as I really prefer the fully automated via ratings and genre parameters method!! MG is kinda working for me right now, so thought I would post with some specifics just to check-in and see where things stood. Main issue is that i get very few movies showing in the history section. The few that show will download if the a movie meets criteria but I fear I am missing out on a lot of downloads as
  7. Hello, Appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction. Installed Was able to import a list of books via a cvs file downloads are working - but some directories have .fail at end and LL keeps getting new downloading new copies can't seem to get processing to work - keep getting following error in logs "has failed: calibredb failed, Permission denied" I added a global path to the docker as I have had directory access issue in the past. My paths are as follows: Book library folder /mnt/user/media/eBooks/Calibre eBook M
  8. Just realized it got worse, all my synced content to amazon cloud is now gone as that was associated with old server and new server has not synced anything yet. Took me a while to upload all that stuff. ARghhhhh. I deleted the old server so I assume I am stuck now and just have to start the uploading again. EDIT: spoke to soon. New server does not have any syncs setup, but old synced content is still there. Problem is that it was auto uploading new movies and new episodes of specific shows, which won't work anymore. Will have to figure out if there is a way to associate the syn
  9. Thanks. Deleting the perms.txt for SABnzbd did the trick. I did the same for plex but it is now resetting permissions and I have a large collection so that takes a long time. Will report back if that fixes the problem. It came back up, but came online as a new server. Name was set to default, so had to rename and claim server. Some of my server settings are there and some where change to default. Weird. When opening player apps I have to select the new server even though name is the same. Hopefully that does not happen again as it took the system down a while and chang
  10. Thanks. Deleting the perms.txt for SABnzbd did the trick. I did the same for plex but it is now resetting permissions and I have a large collection so that takes a long time. Will report back if that fixes the problem.
  11. Hi Binhex, I just upgraded to latest binhex dockers as all needed to be updated. Two are not working properly. Plex Pass: when I load via web to server:port, I get a message about an unclaimed server, but main issue is that I CANNOT access server settings. I have reloaded docker, restarted server, but nothing is working. Web search shows a fix for a similar problem from about a year ago where people delete framework and system bundles, but I can't find those, so I am thinking maybe the architect is different on current vefsions of PMS. Any ideas here? All was good prior to the
  12. The lesson here is check for messages on the boards before you do any updates. The download programs are back up but have not worked on plex yet, will get it sorted. I used to post on the SABnzb boards as a long time user of Moviegrabber, still think it is the best and glad to have it back up and running after upgrading to 6+ version of Unraid. Still think Movegrabber is way better than alternatives. MANY THANKS from a long time user, seldom poster. Greg
  13. Thanks for the reply. Here are answers to your questions; - I recently purchased 3 new high end cat-6 cables so all 3 pcs are connect to router via the new cable. only router to HTPC is a longer cable than previously, but not dramatically. did not change lengths so they are factory terminated - While there was a recent big deterioration of the unraid write speeds, I have a feeling they have been sub standard for a long time. - I have a few extra days off so if I can find time I will try your suggestion of downgrading to 4.7 and see what happens there. I do have some extra drives s
  14. Hi Gary, Busy work week so just now working on this again. I have 3 computers on the network: Office, HTPC, Unraid New router is a Netgear R6300 Read Speeds Unraid to Office 55 mbs - 65 mbs Unraid to HTPC 25 mbs - 30 mbs (long cable) HTPC to Office: > 60 mbs Office to HTPC (not able to get shares working read or write from office) Write Speeds Office to Unraid < 5 mbs HTPC to Unraid < 5mbs Office to HTPC 10 mbs (started higher but settled in around 10) Will go looking for a network card this weekend at local computer market here in Hong Kong,
  15. Thanks Gary, I tried the clear and copy direct to a drive and only the parity and target drive showed activity. I then switched a port on the router and still no luck. I think to next step will be to install a network pci card and see how that works out, unless you have another suggestion. Thanks again, I appreciate the help!!