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  1. Somewhere in a configuration file you have "true" misspelled. Notice the line that says "invalid truth value 'ture'".
  2. I looked through the Docker Containers forum looking for a Matrix one and didn't find one there so I'm posting my question here instead. I'd like to try out the Matrix chat server and installed the Docker image for it. I didn't change any settings for it (nothing conflicts with any other Docker images on my system). It starts up fine. When I try to go to the web UI for it, there doesn't appear to be anything listening on the port it's trying to connect to (8008). If I do a netstat -a I can see something listening on 8008 but on IPv6. Nothing is listening on an IPv4 port. Ha
  3. I'm trying out unRAID and just installed my first Docker image: Transmission. It looks like it was installed successfully. So I attempted to add a torrent just to try it out. The torrent shows up in the web UI for Transmission but doesn't actually download anything. It shows 0 of 0 peers but I know there are active peers for this torrent. I have the download pointed to a downloads share and it created its own "complete" and "incomplete" directories there so I think I have the share mapping correct. uPnP is enabled on my router. When I look in the log I can see a virtual ethernet interface goin