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  1. I've been an unraid user for about a year now and still enjoying using it. I love installing new "apps" from the community app store and even had luck converting a few from docker hub. So much so I have about 25 containers running on my Ryzen based server now! I am really looking forward to some solid auth on the web front end with 2FA so that I can remote into the server without the hassle of OpenVPN and the such.
  2. As an update. I decided to use a VirtualBox VM temporarily which did the trick.
  3. Hi there, thank you for the amazing guides. I'd really like to try this on my Unraid server but I do not have access to a Mac right now, mine broke and I don't want/can't afford to replace right now. I bought High Sierra a while back and still have the installation media .dmg saved to my backup. Is there a way to convert this .dmg into a vdisk for Unraid? That seems to be the only step that is tripping me up. I have access to Windows and I could spin up a Linux VM if need be. I've tried multiple methods using Transmac, Macdrive and OFSMount and had no luck. Simply renaming my "HighSierra.dmg" to .img and adding it to vdisk2 doesn't seem to work. I can go into more detail if it would help but perhaps there is an easy thing I'm missing. Thanks again