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  1. It simply exists. No error's were given. Linux 4.19.93-Unraid. root@UNRAID:~# cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdj1 sdj1 Enter passphrase for /dev/sdj1: root@UNRAID:~# cryptsetup luksClose sdj1 root@UNRAID:~#
  2. Disk 1 through 6 [XFS] and the cache pool [BTRFS] (cache and cache 2).
  3. Tested all the way down to 1 character and it never recognizes the passphrase.
  4. Just upgraded and tested, but unfortunately still get wrong key message and have to use a keyfile.
  5. Just curious if anything has been discovered. Attempted the upgrade again today and it still shows wrong key even validating that it is typed correctly. Using a keyfile allows it to work with no problem.
  6. Best thing about unraid is the ability to use multiple size drives into my array. Suggestion for 2020 would be to add the ability to backup files onsite and/or offsite within the gui.
  7. Same issue here. Updated to 6.8 this morning and passphrase kept showing Wrong Encryption Key. Restoring back to 6.7 works as expected. Password does contain special characters but just your standard type like !@#$^&*)(
  8. This year I decided I wanted to get away from my off the shelf NAS and gave Unraid a shot using some old hardware I had laying around. Unraid worked perfectly and due to the way the hard drives are handled, I dont have to buy 8 larger drives at a time to increase space anymore.
  9. As I have been getting unraid ready to migrate my synology, I setup this plugin and tested it saving to the array. Works perfectly. However now that I'm going to start really using the system I want the backups to be on a device that is accessible in the event of a the boot drive going bad. I reconfigured my destination to be a usb stick (setup as an unassigned device). I ran a backup and everything was successful. Then I noticed that if I unmount the disk and run a backup it does not generate any errors. Anyway to get notified if the destination is not available? Notification setting is set to "Errors Only"