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  1. Since I had to format I am using rclone stable instead of beta without issue so far.
  2. In my case I had a 256mb of buffet, but because plex was scanning and generating thumbnails it opened enough connections until I was out of memory. It then crash without any error, and mount disappeared.
  3. Same as the other guy, do you have enough ram? I had those issues because of only having 8 gigs and plex scanning was creating up to 8 simultaneous connections iirc. Because no available memory rclone crashed like you
  4. I had rclone crash because of Ram issues. With 1G buffer, I’m pretty sure its this! Lower your buffer to something like 128 and try again !
  5. Yes I will restore all dockers and appdata one by one and I hopefully everything will be okay... Pretty sure Unbalance created that mess... Cheers
  6. So I have installed a 6.6.7 unRAID with freshly formatted HDD. I tested around 10 movies hosted on rclone mount and NO ISSUE so far !!! It seems to be working flawlessly, I am so relieved
  7. thanks for the input but as stated I just formated everything and started over my server... I was fed up
  8. Yeah, I start to really think that UnBalance created that mess
  9. Yes, some were working other not, blocking windows explorer/VLC
  10. I don't think it was the case as everything in local was working
  11. Sorry man, i'm French so my english is not perfect My original usage was everything on Unraid as everyone here, I made several test when the issue started to troubleshoot... I think that my issues started when I shrinked my array (using unbalance) as I had 44Tb before switching to rclone + gdrive and I didn't need all those drives anymore. Maybe the gathering process done by Unbalance created side effects on my unraid installation. So to explain the best possible way, I tried few things: 1/ rclone mounted on unraid: a/ Plex on Unraid: some media do not play b/ Plex on a windows PC targeting the "/rclone_mount" or "/union" share (on unraid): some media do not play c/ "/rclone_mount" (on unraid) accessed via a windows PC: some media do not play (Explorer/VLC freeze) d/ copy of any file works and is playable in local... 2/ rclone mounted on windows a/ Plex on windows: no issue b/ Playing any file directly from the mount: no issue I have formated my HDD and restored the USB stick as a new 6.6.7 and recreating my server as we speak. I have changed my cache drive as xfs (was btrfs) and hopefully it will work... I just have Rclone + scripts and plex installed. I let it create all libraries right now and will test it tonight. FINGER CROSSED !