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  1. I could really use some help. I just performed a pretty sizeable hardware upgrade on my server, new motherboard, gpu, ps, case, RAM, and I added 5 new drives. Prior to the upgrade, I had the server operating beautifully, no issues with any of my containers. My delugevpn container was rebuilt and after that, my sonarr container started operating perfectly, in fact better than before it appears. I currently have binhex-delugevpn with binhex-jackett, binhex-sonarr, and binhex-radarr routed through deluge for vpn. Jackett and sonarr are working just fine, but radarr will not successfully add an in
  2. I am getting an warning in Fix Common Problems now. I do not currently have anything running, although I do have krusader, cadvisor, diskspeed, netdata, and speedtest installed. I am only using this particular server as a NAS only. I am attaching the log files, please let me know if there is anything else I need to get. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  3. Been following the development of this for a bit and decided this morning that it seemed mature enough to give it a shot. I am currently converting a 1.5 GB mp4 720p file with unmanic pinned to only 2 cores. I know that there are better ways, but I am testing performance vs load at the moment to make sure that I can run it on this server without issue. If I overload it constantly, I may move it to the other server that doesn't run any dockers. The cores are residing at 98% fairly constantly, but the remaining 10 cores are barely moving and the rest of my processes are responding as promptly as
  4. That was the missing piece! I had gotten it to work using localhost but it seemed unstable, with an occasional failure. After changing the IP to the containers IP, the tests became more reliable and responsive. So far so good, I now have jackett, sonarr, and radarr running without errors for now. Thanks for all the help!
  5. The jackett IP didn't change. Can you tell me what you are referring to? Did you change the indexer settings to localhost or something else? This is what they are now: EDIT: After thinking about what I typed, I went into the indexer and changed the URL from to http://localhost:9117/... and the indexers started passing tests. I was then able to follow the same process on the downloader and it passed. It appears that I now have sonarr fixed and I will be moving to radarr. Thanks for the assistance! I will update this if I have issue
  6. I am using a separate vpn, PIA using WireGuard, and using privoxy to route my jackett, sonarr, and radarr containers through. Jackett is passing all tests now, but I am still failing at sonarr. I have made changes to the proxy settings in sonarr, but the tests are all still failing. EDIT: I read through Q26. Since I am routing the containers through delugevpn, I tried to remove the proxy setting completely and it is failing as well. I am having terrible luck with this and am beginning to suspect I am missing something really simple.
  7. I followed the instructions on Q24 and Q25 in the FAQ, and I am still not able to successfully test any of the indexers. I am working on this one docker at a time, starting with jackett. I have added all the necessary ports in delugevpn, and listed all the ports needed in additional ports, separated by a comma, restarted the container. I am able to pull up the DelugeVPN webui. I then change the network type back to "none" for jackett, add the extra parameter as instructed, "--net=container:binhex-delugevpn". The web interface loads for jackett when I use local IP:9117, and all indexers fail te
  8. I have always used jackett and prior to today, I never had a bypass set up. But now, as has been posted, jackett, radarr, and sonarr are now failing. Is this a permanent change that I will need to fix, or is this an error that will be fixed in a future update?
  9. Sounds good. I will reenable the schedule and keep an eye on it. Should I be concerned that I haven't seen any errors that Mover is not compatible with my UnRAID 6.9 server? It isn't too big of a deal since that server has little usage and is almost entirely a testbed, other than it does run pihole for me.
  10. I started getting a message from Fix Common Problems stating that my version of mover is not compatible with my version of UnRAID. I have a second server running 6.9 RC 2 that is not showing me that error. I did install Mover from the link posted above on the 6.8.3 server to make sure that I had not gotten updated and I am still getting the message in Fix Common Problems. Should I disable/uninstall Mover on 6.8.3 for now, or disregard the message?
  11. Thank you for the prompt reply. It's working now!
  12. I am getting this message in Fix Common Problems now. The template URL the author specified is The template can be updated automatically with the correct URL. I have tried to apply the fix in the message, to no avail. I have tried reinstalling the container. Any ideas?