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  1. Add this to Post Arguments in the template:
  2. I just had this issue today after a power failure, I was getting crazy trying to find why my Home Assistant docker on host would not comunicate with my caddyv2 docker on custom br0 network. Had to turn off host access to custom networks on docker settings and then enable it again. This is annoying. My house was full lit for hours because my mom only knows how to turn off the lights with Google Assistant :|
  3. Has anyone tried the Shinobi docker? Just installed it and I can't add users to it on the Super url. It just won't save if I try to add an user.
  4. Wow, didn't notice it was exactly the double in size. Yep, that's weird. Well, gonna keep monitoring it for now. Thanks for the help.
  5. No it doesn't match. Videos of each camera at day time are 1.3GB per 30 mins for each camera. the docker image is growing like 1.5GB per day or something like that. This are the latest events: And this is an SCP session I did to verify the files are there: Also these are the storage options on zoneminder, I haven't mess with that: I'm thinking maybe these are the logs or the database that zoneminder is saving on the docker image instead of the appdata folder or something like that? EDIT: I think it's something related to temporary files or something on the docker, just restarted the zoneminder docker and it's down to 1.86GB
  6. I have it set in the docker to the Unassigned drive. Just opened the edit page of the docker just in case I missed something but it's set to that. I can even ssh to the unraid server, go to the unassigned device mounted path and the videos are there (480GB of files, 3 cams 24/7 recording). This is the run command as requested by trurl:
  7. Hello. Is it normal that the docker container image is growing too fast? Yesterday it was 3.31GB and today it is 6.62GB. I'm saving the videos to an Unassigned device (Data Path). At this rate it will fill up my docker image in less than a week