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  1. Thank you for the docker, but from the beginning is obviously unusable. I downloaded my game again from UPlay, Steam, Microsoft Store, Wargaming, EA Origin and again the data was deleted and lost from the allocated disk even though I set my cache to 3650 days. I will return to backup using WinRAR or 7zip.
  2. 20MB/s is super My standard speed with rotating disc. LANCACHE is a backup for me, including updates without work. It also depends on the speed of the disk in the computer where we install the game. SSDs are always better for small files.
  3. I moved everything from disk 7 to disk 6 and set the LANCACHE folder only to disk 6. LANCACHE ignores older games (downloaded 2-3 weeks ago) and downloads them again, including saving. Maybe this was caused by an update to LANCACHE if it doesn't see older files? It's better to delete everything and start over.
  4. New test: I have downloaded 3 games from yesterday's download to disk 7. Everything is OK and they are being downloaded from the cache. I have downloaded 3 oldest games in cache (14 days) and do not download from disc 6. They are downloaded from internet to disc 7. My settings :
  5. I reinstalled the game Age of Empires III, which was saved during the first 2 installations on disk 6. The game did not download from disc 6, but started to load and save to disc 7. I always watch everything on Array Devices: When downloading from the cache, the write value is 0.0 B/s. This is not the current screen. Screen is after apply "Tools> New Permissions". I expect completion in the morning.
  6. Report without download game now : % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 100 7620 100 7620 0 0 7029 0 0:00:01 0:00:01 --:--:-- 7036 % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 100 7620 100 7620 0 0 7441k 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 7441k Succesfully Cached
  7. The problem will be the division of a folder on two disks. I have 270 games on Steam, 30 games on Origin, 20 games on UPlay etc. That's why I need 4 TB - 8TB because I only have to download 20 MBit / s. Praise developers and community The problem started in the middle of my downloaded games. From storing to the second disk. Obviously, saving a folder to only one disk would help. If the developer had no idea
  8. I first created the LANCACHE folder manually with the following settings: Then I installed the LANCACHE docker and mapped the path to this folder: Everything was alright. Once 50% of disk 6 is full, UNRAID started saving to disk 7. Standard UNRAID behavior Redistributing data. I will download older games from Disc 6 and the LANCACHE dock will not look there and will start downloading new data to Disc 7.
  9. ==> /mnt/user/appdata/lancache-bundle/log/named/client.log <== ==> /mnt/user/appdata/lancache-bundle/log/named/config.log <== ==> /mnt/user/appdata/lancache-bundle/log/named/database.log <== ==> /mnt/user/appdata/lancache-bundle/log/named/default.log <== 28-Feb-2020 22:30:52.519 client @0x152fb4035650 ( rpz QNAME Local-Data rewrite via ==> /mnt/user/appdata/lancache-bundle/log/named/dispatch.log <== ==> /mnt/user/appdata/lancache-bundle/log/named/dnssec.log &l
  10. Global Share Settings I think well : I'm trying second advice. It will take a long time for a large number of files. I turned off Krusader before running New Permissions.
  11. Maybe I found a problem. I noticed it yesterday. LANCACHE files are set to two disks. Once disk 6 was full to 50%, he started saving the files to disk 7, but did not read the files from disk 6 when reinstalled. I download each game twice for LANCACHE testing (1x VM and 1x PC). Since yesterday, some games have been downloaded from the net again. These are games that are stored on disc 6. LANCACHE has started to ignore disc 6 and stores everything in disc 7 again. Thank you for your support. PS: I need to figu
  12. Expect there is no problem with the docker in speed. The problem is in the rotating disc. Some games have small files, so the system waits for them to load. If the game has large files, so download the game from LANCACHE at a speed of 75 MB / s. LANCACHE would be ideal for SSD arrays.
  13. Thank you for LANCACHE and for your latest update. Since the update it is possible to download Windows Update, Wargaming games and also games from Microsoft Store. I send you three thanks for coffee (donate). My english is terrible
  14. Turned off IPv6 in Windows. Enabled SteamCache dock in UNRAID - Maximum download speed from HDD with SATAII 73,7 MB/s is pretty nice
  15. Hi guys I apologize for the English, but I want to share some advice from Google. The basis of all problems is IPv6. This SteamCache worked for me occasionally. If you have a problem with caching, set up Gaming Windows without IPv6 support. If you disable SteamCache, this setting will not download Steam files. This is a great confirmation of functionality. - disable SteamCache - You cannot install games. Hopefully it will help you