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  1. I had to do the same thing. 6.6.7. I've been fighting corruption since mid May on the new platform, and nothing seems to work. I tried all the things they asked...but nothing seemed to make any difference. And I couldn't keep rebuilding the Plex database every day. 😞
  2. Since I've had 6.7 installed, and now 6.7.3rc2, I don't have the option in my gui to roll back to 6.6.7. How do I do it manually?
  3. Not everyone has a cache drive...or even the need for one.
  4. I'm about ready to roll back to it also. So far, it doesn't seem that we are making any headway with the Sqlite issue, and I'm tired of explaining to the family why I have to spend some time rebuilding the database so they can watch things.
  5. I had corruption in Sonarr and SABnzbd also. Had to repair the databases just a few minutes ago. Since I've already uploaded diags twice today, I didn't do it this time.
  6. Just an hour or so later, and it corrupted again. *sigh* Diags attached. swissarmy-diagnostics-20190810-1905.zip
  7. I'm running the 6.7.3-rc2 build, and found the Plex database corrupt this morning. The last two times I was able to do the procedure to dump to a .sql file and repair. I was not able to this morning. I had to roll back plex to a database that was three days old. My Appdata is on disk1. Here are the diagnostics. swissarmy-diagnostics-20190810-1707.zip
  8. I have upgraded from 6.7.2 to 6.7.3-rc2 this morning. I have continued to have corruption up until now...about every 2 days. Both with plex, and with Sonarr. I am currently running my app data from one disk. I will let you know what happens.
  9. Take a look at the location of the database on the file system. You can restore from one of the backups that should be there....and it would only be a day or two old. Rebuilding it from scratch is a bummer....
  10. @jonp While I'm not ready to jump to hostility, there has absolutely been enough subtle (and not so subtle) language pointed as some of us to make us feel belittled or silly. I was the one who originally started the original thread, about downgrading due to the corruption. I was essentially told I was spreading information that wasn't true. As a newbie, that is a little tough to take. I was willing to try things to help with the testing...but it got to a point where the corruption was happening enough I had to stop. Then the 6.7.2 came out, and this moved to bug fix. Several of us were called out to help with the testing...which I did. But then I heard nothing back for a while...and appears that no one was looking at the diagnostics I was uploading. So I took a bit of a stronger tone in my messages...to get some attention. I realize this is a very hard thing to troubleshoot. But there ARE some people who are quick to point to our situation or configuration as the issue...even when multiple people are having the problem. And they tell us to make changes, without explaining the changes or how to do it. I do feel a bit like this has gone for a while with no official update or even a comment on what the findings have been so far...which leaves a number of us feeling a bit neglected. That said...I have been making the changes that are asked...and still seeing corruption.
  11. So if that is the case, then I don't know how to change it. I had removed all disks from the share after I moved the data...and before I reset plex. I do what you asked....but somehow I think something else is going on.
  12. So I moved my appdata share to Disk1. I moved it all with the unbalance tool, and got it all moved to over /mnt/disk1/appdata. I changed the share so that it only includes disk1. Then I changed all of the dockers to point to it: Plex, Sonarr, Sabnzbd. I left for a little over an hour...and the Plex db corrupted again. @Squid What now??? swissarmy-diagnostics-20190714-2311.zip
  13. Both Plex and Sonarr corrupted today. I will move them to a single disk, and try it. swissarmy-diagnostics-20190714-1922.zip
  14. Good morning. I haven't had my coffee yet...but I saw that I had a message, and I wanted to respond. This reply tells me nothing...other than to give up. There is no explanation, and no information about the downsides to this. I don't have a cache drive. Anyone that looked at the diagnostics could see that. Or even looking at my other posts in this same thread...or the thread that actually started this one. And I'm not the only one...a lot of us do not. So this answer does nothing for us. Second...would someone please explain to us WHY moving to /mnt/diskX makes more sense? Because to me, it sounds like you are telling us that the database and information for our dockers is not worth being protected. Is it protected if we move it to a single disk? I chose Unraid because of it's ease of use. And the fact that there was a good community around it. Great howto videos on Youtube. It has worked FANTASTIC up until now, with ZERO corruption. But upgrading to 6.7 has started this. And now that a bunch of us are having this issue, get told by the community here that we are doing it wrong. Or worse yet...nothing but a one sentence answer that tells us nothing. So far, no one has shared ANY information that makes it look like they have looked at the diagnostic information. Which is fine...if someone has, and it is helping with an update soon, I'm very happy to do it. If all I'm going to get is a one sentence answer that says "Use a cache drive", then I will stop, and start looking for a new solution.
  15. Rinse and repeat....more corruption. 😞 Plex. swissarmy-diagnostics-20190712-2308.zip