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  1. So I had the corruption with both Sonarr and Plex. Sqlite has been the issue....
  2. No. I've tried the new database. I restored two copies before with both Sonar and Plex. The last time, I went the route of creating a new database with Plex. It still corrupted. That is when I downgraded Unraid.
  3. So I have been watching this thread for a while...as I was the guy that originally had the problem. Since I downgraded back to 6.6.7, I have had zero problems with database corruption. I have NOT changed the data to point to a single disk, although I planning on doing it this weekend and testing. From the answers here though...that is not going to fix the issue. The corruption is still occurring for some people. I've read through some of the other threads that are "just plex" or some other application...and people are pointing them back to the application creators for fixes. It is NOT just happening for me with Plex, but with every application that uses the sqlite database. Like some of you, I'm questioning things in the kernel or something else that changed in 6.7. And I'm not crazy about updating again until I see an iteration of the OS that provides some fix. Just my thoughts....and yes, I am an absolute newbie to the system. Less than 1 year. thanks rm
  4. I had the most recent Plex docker, and I was getting corruption of my DB with 6.7. Rolling back to 6.6.7 stabilized everything. I've been reading through the forums here and people have stated that the config files should be on the cache drive...but I do not have one. They also stated that you should put the config files on a single disk rather than on the "array". But I went for over a year with zero problems the way mine was configured (no cache, and on the array)....it only started to corrupt with 6.7. So I'm waiting a while before I upgrade...and "studying" some more.
  5. So I looked at my configuration for the dockers that I have. All of them are set to /mnt/user/appdata. And I do not have a "/mnt/cache" at all. The dockers have been running stable for almost a year. Moving to 6.7 is when I starting seeing the corruption. Moving back....no corruption at all. I'm willing to try other things....but so far, the system has been extremely stable since downgrading. Back to what I am used to.
  6. After finding corruption every few days in my docker containers (Plex, Sonarr, and SABnzbd), I finally bit the bullet and downgraded back to 6.6.7. I had been doing google searches for issues with 6.7 and Sqlite, and I ran across one that stated that multiple people were having the issue. Downgrading removed the issue. But it's weird that a search here in the forums did not find anyone really talking about it. I cannot be the only one having issues.... I guess I will wait for the first set of updates to come out for 6.7.