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  1. What I like most about unraid (over freenas for example) is how the parity system works and how much hdd space it makes me win ! The thing I am really waiting for is the ability to run multiple arrays at once !
  2. Hi, I know the topic has been discussed many times here but I read all posts about this and cannot find anything useful to solve my problem. On top of my array, I'm using 2 unassigned drives, one is a spare drive, unmounted, the other one is mounted and shared over the network (SMB). Both drives are identical (Western Digital 8TB WD80EFZX). Now my issue is that I would like so spin down both of these drives when they are not used. The spare one is spinning down normally. The second one (mounted and shared) does not spin down. My questions are: - is that the standard behaviour ? - if I check the power management setting on the drive using hdparm -I /dev/sdg |grep level I get the following: Advanced power management level: 164 Where does this 164 value comes from ? Unassigned devices is supposed to set this value to 180 (180 * 5s = 30 minutes) I checked this value on the other drive (the spare drive), and it's configured the same to 164 - Last info, if I use hdparm -y /dev/sdg then the drive spins down properly and remains in sleep mode until I access it over SMB. So I don't get why the hell the drive does not go to sleep on its own when unused ? Can I change that ? Thank you for your help