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  1. Sorry, my bad. Thank you for the link. I'm gonna do it the correct way now.
  2. Thank you for this hint. I'll updated the bios just 2 weeks ago, but I keep an eye on this. Regarding my other issue of rebuilding in case somebody has the same issue. My approach is the following, if you need to rebuild your array with the same disabled data drive (and only if you are absolutly sure that the drive is still fine): stop the array remove the disabled drive (aka set it to "no device") from its current place (e.g. Disc 4) add the same data drive as another drive on an extra slot (e.g. Disc 5) start array (clearing and rebuild should happen automatically)
  3. Hi everyone, I have an array of 5 discs (1x Parity, 4x Data). During the last parity check one of the data drives got almost 2000 Error. Rest of the data discs had 75 errors each too. So the „problematic“ data drive has been disabled. I downloaded the diagnostics (see attached) and restarted the server (don’t know why actually). After that I started the array in maintanance mode, started a read check of the array and did short and long smart test of the problematic drive. Everything seems fine, except an additional UDMA CRC error count of 1. Guess this is due a faulty SATA Cable, which I have replaced already. Now I’m not sure what to do next and how? Or better question: Are there any more options than rebuild the array? And if I no, what are the step to rebuild the array with the "problematic" drive? Sorry for asking this basic question. Its my first serious incident with unraid and I just want to make sure I'm on the right track. Please find the diagnostics attachted. Thank for your help. Much appreciated. nas-diagnostics-20210614-1406.zip
  4. Had the same issue. The creator of the docker container modified the Docker variables. Edit your tt-rss container, take a look on the Variables and fill them correctly. According to the error message you are using Postgres as Database. eg. in the Variable TTRSS_DB_TYPE you have to type "pgsql" instead of "mysql". In my case I had to fill out everything again (DB Type, Host, User, Pw, Name etc.). No clue how and why this happened, because I setup the container month ago and didn't update it since then.
  5. Thanks, its working again. I am wondering how this happened, since I didn't change any configuration and browsed the gui via https before.
  6. Hi, since yesterday I am unable to access the Webgui of my Unraid server, although I was able to access several dockers which are running on the system. I ssh'd to the machine (which was instant) and created the attached diagnostics.zip. Any ideas how to fix that? Please help! nas-diagnostics-20200514-0912.zip
  7. - I'love the simple Docker and VM Integration aaand... - would like to see in 2020 some way of grouping Docker Containers in the GUI