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  1. Hey. So this week my system went totally unresponsive (no gui, no ssh, no shares... etc) 2 times this week and I can't understand why. My system is using brand new Gigabyte Aorus B450 Pro with R5 2600 if that helps. I had a previous uptime of 15 days. I'm using an UPS also. This sucks because I had to hard restart my system, so my data can be damaged. Any help? orthanc-diagnostics-20190816-1142.zip
  2. Hi. I have my config in /appdata/nextcloud, which is in cache and my data on a different share, which is in the drive array (/nextclouddata). I'm having a problem that Nextcloud is periodically writing in `/nextclouddata/nextcloud.db`, which spins up my drives and parity. Shouldn't that config file be in /appdata/nextcloud, with all the config related files?
  3. It was my first time adding a new drive and I didn't exactly know if I should rebuild the whole parity or not and even if it's an overkill I did it just in case. After that I read the documentation and I found out that that's not needed, but anyway, I didn't think it could do any harm or cause problems for parity.
  4. Hello. I started my Unraid machine 1 month ago with 3 brand new drives: Parity: Samsung Exos 12TB Disk1: Seagate IronwolfPro 12TB Disk2: WD White Lavel 8TB First I started with the Ironwolf as Disk 1. 3 days later I added the Exos and built the parity for the first time with 0 errors. 1 week later I added the WD and let the parity rebuild with 0 errors. After 1 month I had scheduled an automatic parity check and it's reporting lots of errors already before finishing: Total size:12 TB Elapsed time:17 hours, 22 minutes Current position:10.7 TB (88.9 %) Estimated speed:148.0 MB/sec Estimated finish:2 hours, 30 minutes Sync errors corrected: 7583900 After the second parity (before this last one with errors) I changed the drives to a Silverstone FS304b drive bay (https://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=604&area=en) and maybe changed some of the cables (due to length or not wanting L shaped connector). All of the cables are new. In the logs I also see that there are lots of errors regarding the flash drive (which is 2.0 also brand new and recommended for Unraid, I don't remember the model but I can check if relevant). Attached you can find the diagnostics as of 5 minutes ago. Any ideas? orthanc-diagnostics-20190701-1516.zip
  5. Hi. I've tried to set up the Dynamix Temperature plugin. I previously installed perl with Nerd apps and tried to click "Detect" to auto detect my driver, but the page reloads and nothing happens. I looked for info about my motherboard and determined the sensor driver was IT87, so I wrote that on the "driver" input field and clicked "Save" and that crashed my server, no access from GUI nor SSH. Any idea?