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  1. will try both, and keep you guys posted, thanks for your help
  2. I borrow my friend’s laptop. It’s iperf result is close and do have the write speed of 110MB/s. I tried update the nic driver but didn’t make any difference. it is isolated to my pc end but I’m not too sure what else can be done.
  3. i am learning how to run iperf, will report back result. thanks for helping
  4. i was using a 8gib movie to do the testing, i did wonder replacing the CPU would help, but didnt see CPU usage ramp up that much when i was copying the file.
  5. if cache is not enable, i getting a jummpy speed from 30-60MB up and down,
  6. Hi all, as mentioned above I am struggling with low write performance to my cache SSD over Lan. everything else is running perfectly, my download speed from the share is approx 100MB/s (I have no idea on how to get the speed test apart from copying to and downloading from, any suggestion on alternate method is appreciated) xeon e3-1220 v3 16gb DDR3 Ram 1x 3t HDD 1x 120 SSD for cache, dianostic file is attaced, Any idea? samsbay-diagnostics-20200826-1116.zip
  7. thanks for the reply, i did end up removed the app and reinstall, seems taking the login ok.
  8. The default username/password for the webui is admin/adminadmin seems not working, anyway to reset?>
  9. Hi all, I recently move from Synology to unRaid, the most obvious different i experience is that when play a movie that storage on Synology i could unlimit go forward by 5 sec, there is no lagging. however, when i do that to the same movie hosted on unRaid, it going about 5times then started lagging. and i also saw that when my unRaid is siting idle, CPU (e3-1220 v3) usage is still 35%, i only have a plex docker going at the time. im totally new to unRaid, where should i get started on trouble shooting? what info is valuable when asking help to issue simi
  10. yeah i took you advise to have one for movie and one for TV show, it makes sense. my CPU still ramp up quite a bit when i use watch the movie on my phone. i cant see "HW" tag in audio, does it mean CPU is still doing work for it?
  11. thank you so much for your help. not idea why "Movies" and "TV Shows" actually make a difference. with your help i use other videos, it actually picked up all my shows and stuff. now will set up the hardware transcoding. thanks again for your help.
  12. yeah i think something is wrong, what confused me is that i only have one share with all movies and TV shows, i cant understand why some show up and some dont
  13. once it finish, it says "There are no item in this folder"