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  1. After updating to 6.9.0-RC1 I'm having issues with routing seemingly related to having VLANs enabled. My setup: Bonded eth0+eth1 - untagged VLAN with DHCP - metric 0 for default gateway (LAN) VLAN 10 - originally had static but also tried DHCP for the hell of it - metric 99 for default gateway (DMZ) BIND_MGMT is set so it's only accessible on the LAN (and my PC is on a different network so it's inaccessible when the route is missing) First boot on 6.9, I had an IP address but no default gateway on the untagged interface. Default route was going out the se
  2. There's been a bug with the drop downs. May need to toggle it to false and back to true.
  3. Based on a quick look at mine, it looks like all the password are in the cipher table so if that's empty, it's a good possibility... Do you have a backup?
  4. Do you not have one of the apps installed? It caches everything so it's still available if you're offline...
  5. Ease of use for being able to plug in drives and just add them to the array. Was running hardware raid before moving to unraid. Agree with rox on the on the what I'd like to see... custom webhooks to do fancy embeds.