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  1. Another issue that I noticed....if I add a single movie to a folder that I have unmanic pointed to watch, it will start both workers (I have unmanic set to use two workers) on the same movie....with one being a few percent ahead of the second one. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this behavior. Thanks.
  2. For some reason, unmanic is not picking up a movie that I placed on the monitored folder for conversion. Where does it keep the list of movies it thinks it has converted? I've restarted the docker, and checked the log, but it still comes back with nothing to convert.
  3. Johnnie- Thanks. I should have looked through the logs a little closer....might have caught that the GPT needed refreshing....lesson learned. I'll see about running an extended SMART test....or I'll wait until the scheduled parity check runs at the beginning of January. Thanks again for your help.
  4. johnnie- Thanks for the reply. I wound up putting the array into maintenance mode, and tried for format the new drive again. It looks like it wound up working that time. I was able to add the new drive to the array. I'm wondering if there is a utility to check the drive that I could run to make sure that everything is okay. I did check the drive before I removed it from the case by connecting it to my Windows machine via USB. It passed all of the tests, so I figured that it was okay to shuck the drive.
  5. ice- I went ahead and disabled audio conversion, and tried the same file. It appears that did the trick. I've got the audio coming out of the correct channels. Thanks for the suggestion, and another thanks to Josh for a great plugin. Merry Christmas.
  6. Hi- I pulled a 10TB drive from a WD Elements that I picked up on a Black Friday deal. I finally got around to adding it (physically) to my server a few days ago. It showed up as an unassigned device, and I went ahead and ran the pre clear plugin on it. A few days later, I get the notice that it passed the pre clear checks, and I'm ready to add it to my array. I went ahead and tried to do that, but I keep getting the following error: Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout I can go to the Array Operation tab, and the FORMAT option for this device (sdb) is greyed out. I can check off the box to format all unmountable devices. When doing so, the FORMAT button becomes active, and I can click it. When I do that, the page states that it is formatting the drive for a few seconds, then it reverts to the original screen listing the drive as an unmountable device, with the FORMAT option available. Not sure what I did wrong, but I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I'm running Version: 6.6.7 Log file attached. Thanks. dlvtower-diagnostics-20191210-1723.zip
  7. ice- I'll give that a try....thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Hi- I ran the docker on a folder that contained a TV series. For some reason, it appears that unmanic "rotated" the audio channels so that the center channel on a 5.1 setup was switched to the rear left channel. The other channels appear to have rotated as well. Am I missing something in the settings? Here is the audio info from the original file: Codec AC3 Channels 6 Bitrate 640 kbps Language English Audio Channel Layout 5.1(side) Sampling Rate 48000 Hz Display Title English (AC3 5.1) Here is the audio info from the converted file: Codec AAC Channels 6 Bitrate 394 kbps Language English Profile lc Sampling Rate 48000 Hz Display Title English (AAC 5.1) Thanks for all of the hard work on the docker. It really looks like it has a lot of potential to save hard drive space....which would be really nice.
  9. I did find a solution to cooling the drives in the T30 case....but that was to ditch the case, and go with a DIY build. I did order a slim line 120mm fan from Amazon that I was able to get to fit in the front of the case, and it allowed me to put the plastic trim piece on the front of the case back on . Here is a link to the fan that I ordered. Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM, Premium Quiet Slim Fan, 4-Pin (120mm, Brown) Because the vent holes in the front of the metal case (between where the drives are and where the fan is located) were small, the fan didn't help drop the drive temperatures too much in my situation. I also added a 80mm fan inside of the case, mounted to the left of the drive trays. That fan did not help either. I'm not sure if the high drive temperatures I was experiencing was due to the fact that the drives themselves ran on the warm side. I shucked them from a pair of WD Element Desktop External drives. According to youtube, these are white label WD Red drives...but I don't know how hot those drives run either. I was also looking at adding a case fan directly in line with the drive cage on the T30....only problem was that there was a large support piece on the door that would have been in the way of cutting a hole for an external case fan. In the end, I opted to sell the T30 on eBay for about half of what I bought it for....but at least I got something for it. The tower that I put together now has 3 of the 10TB drives in it, and the highest temperature that any of them has got to is 96 deg F....and that was during a parity check. I forgot to mention that in both situations, the T30 or the new tower were on the floor in the office at my house. Temperature in that room (during the summer) peaks at 82 deg F before the AC kicks on. Good luck, and post back if you find a better cooling solution.
  10. Thanks for taking a look at the setup. I'll work on copying the plex library back to the usual location so that I can take advantage of the backup plugin. Maybe I'll see about adding the SSD to the cache and get it out of the UD where it is now. Thanks again for your help.
  11. Diagnostic file attached. Thanks. dlvtower-diagnostics-20190916-2227.zip
  12. Ah....I can tell I'm about to look stupid....oh well.... You are correct. I meant the plex library database. I added a 1TB SSD to my setup, and followed a youtube video on how to move the database to an SSD. My appdata folder is not on the same SSD....I have a Samsung 970 EVO 500GB - NVMe PCIe which has my appdata folder (and sub folders) on it. Hindsight....I probably could have picked up a 2TB NVMe PCIe, and left well enough alone (after I setup the appdata folder to be on the cache drive) So I've got things like binhex-delugevpn, binhex-jackett, binhex-krusader, binhex-radarr, binhex-sonarr, CrashPlanPRO, etc. on the NVMe as my cache drive I've added the unassigned device (1TB SSD) which contains the plex-data folder, which had the plex database, etc. I did this after doing some research, and learning that the plex database can get quite large based on the media library. I was worried that the 500GB NVMe SSD would run out of space...which led me to picking up the 1TB SSD. Any suggestions on how to make improvements to the setup would be welcomed....still pretty new to the whole unraid scene.... Thanks.
  13. Hi- This is a great plugin. I wanted to see if it would be possible to have the location of the Plex media directory as a variable. I've moved my plex folder to an SSD to increase speed in viewing the movie/show thumbnails, etc. Thanks.
  14. Cakey- I know that this is an old thread, so I'm not sure if you already pulled the trigger on a machine. I'm guessing that you already did, but just in case...I'll throw in my $0.02... I recently picked up the exact same Dell PowerEdge T30 off of eBay. While the machine seemed pretty solid initially, I am having a heck of a time keeping the drive temps down to what I think they should be. I currently have unRaid installed, and have one WD 10TB drive that I'm copying data over to from my current server. With just the single 10TB drive in the case, I'm looking at drive temps pushing 118 deg F when copying files across the network. I've put a few PCs together in my time, and I can't believe the lack of case fans on this Dell box. It has two fans (80 mm) in the case. One is on the back of the case, and the other is acting as a CPU cooler. I'm currently in the process of trying to add additional fans to help keep the drive temps to a more comfortable level.