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  1. Great instruction !! I used it for EMBY and Hadrware Transcoding also works. Thank you
  2. At the moment, the expense of $ 89 is a lot. The price for the Basic version was still acceptable, but unfortunately I would have to buy a PLUS version and that's too much. I will keep watching, maybe I will buy one day.
  3. So I would have to buy a PLUS. It's still going to test it, and I'll probably come back to OMV. Are there any promotional prices for licenses?
  4. I am at the UNRAID testing stage. I am looking for an alternative to OpenMediaVault (which is also a great platform for building a NAS) Currently it is a trail. There is no limit on the number of disks here. Current configuration up to 5x HDD 3TB as Array Device, 3x SSD 256GB as Cache Device. BASIC license for $ 59 includes 6 storage device. Is Storage Device only an Array Device (1) or also a Cache Device (2)? Because I actually store data only on Array Devices, these drives are counted as Storage Device.