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  1. I was going to continue Gman. I thought I figured it out. I just found this for $10 each: 3 drive cages from Corsair. for 80$ I get 24 slots. Just need to make the frame to hold them all. and for another $4, 2 SSD. To bad I am Canadian. End cost goes from $84 to $200 Still cheaper than the Norco. 1st world problems. I just really hate having to spin this radio around to add drives. It's getting fraking heavy.
  2. So just an update. This project fell off the radar. Unfortunately. I have now reached 15 drives. And the problem now is my cables aren't able to reach the bottom set of drives. Also, my racks are a pain to put new drives in. I hate to say it, but I think a Norco 24bay is in the future. But for the record, the setup works and has been awesome. Just will never be completed as other life priorities have taken over. For archival sake, I will restore the broken photo links in the thread. Thanks for those that participated and see you next unfinished project I start. And sorry, UnR
  3. Same deal. Now that my eth0 reads I try bridged with eth0. Still fails. Everything other than NAT fails in one way or another. (network unreachable or interface doesn't come up) My windows installation of VirtualBox has no issues creating bridged network. UPDATE: I have got it working, but I am curious as to why it fails initially. Boot Server. Wait 2 mins for the DHCP stupid "For Wait For" to timeout Log in. ifdown enp0s3 Returns Network is Unreachable blah blah ifup enp0s3 DCHPOFFER I can ping my network. All is good. Why
  4. No. For some reason my network settings has setup bridge as enabled. Not sure if I did it assuming dockers needed it? I'm gonna go back to static and cross my fingers. Thanks Edit: Maybe at some point I did try Xen... >.> I forget.
  5. Hey all. I have installed virtualbox plugin. Everything is peachy. Kinda. I have one annoyance that I can't get past. When I create a Linux virtual box (have not tried windows), I set the network adapter to be bridge (eth0). During the install of linux, it's downloading happily and things seem great. But the minute the install is done and I boot into my new OS, I get that dreaded "for Wait For" during bootup which means it isn't getting an IP. NAT is ok and I get 10.x.x.x ip. (or whatever it is) and it can surf, but I want to create hosts that reside on my 192.168.0.x using brid
  6. Found it!! Oddly.. along with some 2 Carat Diamond Earrings...
  7. OLA! Long time no speak. I shouldn't have moved production UnRaid into the radio so soon. Prevents me from doing work on the chassis! Anyway.. was able to give it some downtime today. (after playing with UnRaid 6. Bravo Tom and Contributors. Well done. I'm enjoying the docker though during my upgrade to 6, there were boot issues. I went to plug in monitor only to realize the on-board video plug was 1 inch from the front face of the radio. I had to take the entire thing apart to get it going. Now looking for PCI video card so that doesn't happen again.Anyway.. on with some pics. I de
  8. Thought I would add what I did when a container caused the docker webGUI to not show the control popup (start|stop|remove,etc) In shell ran: docker ps -a Find the docker PID you want to kill or remove. Let's say mine is: 893bdeff01aa docker kill 893bdeff01aa docker rm 893bdeff01aa Done. webGui should work with offending docker removed.
  9. When it's done. Till then it's in a bedroom in the basement.
  10. Here is a little bit of an update. The server is running great. Temps are stable. Added a 3/4 inch plate to the bottom with felts underneath. Slides nicely on the hardwood floor. (Nearly too heavy to lift alone) Items to tackle: NEW Vibration from 1 or 2 older drives is resonating withing the case. (1 of them is VERY loud) EXISTING - Veneer the top - Find front cover material (perforated aluminum sheet) or maybe wood veneer for matching? - Complete the back panel - Find Radio Component that will work in radio and make custom knobs (was missing 1 w
  11. I have 13 drives in a wooden case (Ref: I have one drive in the array that is noisy in the wooden case and sounds like someone is sawing away at it. (probably the old cache drive I am using) My drive cage is metal strips attached to wood casing which is screwed to radio front plate. I need to try and isolate the drive cage with some material to absorb vibrations as it echos quite well. For the most part the unit is ok, but during heavy disk activity, I know when things are moving. If a little noise doesn't bother you, the
  12. It was list mode. Installed cache_dir package and everything massive improvement. 2 seconds or less. Thank you
  13. The Photos drive currently resides only on 1 disk. I tested and I can go back into a folder I had gone in before without wait. (how many times I can load new directories before the old ones I went into will (or if they will) slow down, unknown. I will check out the cache_dirs. Seems about right. Thank you.
  14. I have looked for a topic that would similarly describe / resolve my problem. Either I am blind or the topic doesn't exist yet. The issue really starts to happen mostly on folders with large amounts of files within them. After about 600+ files, the folder (share) takes up to 30 seconds to open in Windows Explorer. Example: As a photographer and with memory cards being 32 and 64 gig now. One folder can contain up to 2000 files or more. Assume my directory structure is like so: 2014-10-28 - Melissa (Boudoir) Card 1 -> Contains 800 files Card 2 -> Co
  15. I'll be working on a cage at some point. I really would like to use: Concerned about depth and width. (and interference).. I can't leave it in the case. Too deep and too wide. I was just offered another radio by a friend cause he likes my first project. Liking this one as well. Maybe this one can be my main PC. + Web Server + DHCP Server + Etc Etc.