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  1. Cool, than i will buy a LSI 8 port and start with the LSI and onboard controller, Thanks!
  2. Hello People, New to Unraid and looking at it to replace my Proxmox installation, but I came up with some questions on which I cannot directly find an good answer. Currently I am running with the following hardware: Intel G4560 16GB ECC Memory Fujitsu D3417-B2 Intel P600 265GB SSD M2 NVME for Proxmox and VM's 2X HGST 8TB NAS 1x Toshiba 6TB X300 1x WD Red 6TB 1x Hitachi 2TB Areca 1280ML - 2x 8TB RAID1 on the Areca for data - 2TB Drive for Music library - 2X 6TB are also in RAID 1. 50% for my Nextcloud data, the other 50% for backups of my roommate. Running raid is forcing me to have them all spinning most of the day, which uses more power then I like to use. Same goes for ZFS, which also I not easy to expand as far as I know of? I want to switch to unraid because of this reason while I’m getting five new 8TB drives this week, also a 1TB SSD drive which I can use as cache. As awesome as this is. Already did read that an Areca card is probably not the most decent thing for unraid, it’s pretty overkill, and could make things more difficult. Now I am looking at buying a used LSI card, but am struggling to decide which one to buy. Most offers are 8 port versions, some support trim, some don’t. That forces me to buy or two LSI cards, of combine my onboard (Intel C236) and a LSI 9211-8I for example. This is where my main thoughts are now. How decent of a solution is this? Would you guys recommend this, or is it better to look for a 16 port version, or 2 8ports and skip the onboard controller completly? I would have seven 8TB drives, but next month I maybe getting 2 more, so that would be more than 8 for one controller, and I don’t know how unraid handles this performance wise. And how would unraid handle this if I would to switch to another motherboard? Also playing with the idea to put the ssd onboard for trim support. Can someone please give me some advice on this? Many thanks in advance!