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  1. Trying to rotate photos in windows explorer via mapped network shares from my unraid. Any ideas why when I right click on any photo that I get the below? "you cannot rotate this image. The file might be in use or open in another program, or the file or folder might be read only."
  2. This, exactly. Parity WAS NOT valid. Do the new config again, but DON'T check the "parity is valid". You need to build parity for the current set of drives, then check it when it is finished building. Thank you. I've cancelled the current check, done the new config again, started the array WITHOUT checking the "parity is valid" box and the parity check is underway again. It's ~ 35 mb / sec now, but that's about what it was when I began the check this AM. I'll keep an eye on it. Thank you again.
  3. Attaching my diagnostics file. Currently getting around 9 mb/sec on a 4TB parity sync which says it'll take 4 days to complete. A couple of days ago, I moved many files from a 2TB WD green drive via midnight commander to other drives on the array. I then removed that drive, did a "new config" and checked the "parity is valid". Any thoughts why this sync is SO SLOW and why I currently see 45 million + sync corrections? I just got 2 new WD 4TB RED drives that are pre-cleared and ready to go into the array after I do this parity sync. unraid-diagnostics-20160418-1518.zip
  4. I currently have 1 WD 4TB RED as my parity. All my data drives are 2TB WD Caviar Greens. I'll be ordering 2 more 4TB REDs to replace the greens so that I can get the greens OUT of the NAS entirely. With that in mind, do I have this process correct below? pre-clear new 4TB RED drives stop the array add new drives into the array start the array format new drives and expand the array use midnight commander via telnet putty to move files off of the smaller discs and onto the new 4TB REDs once all data is copied off 2TB Greens, stop the array remove 2TB Greens from from the array Go to Tools > New Config > Apply remove 2TB greens from tower (will pre-clear these first to ensure all clear) start the array do parity sync DONE - rejoice & do happy dance?
  5. thank you BRiT. As I don't have the begin parity check button available at the moment, after I swap cables, card, etc, do I need to do the "new config" again, or is there another method I should be doing?
  6. Attaching a diagnostics file I just downloaded. I ran smart tests on the drives and all came back as completed with no issues. I did "new config 2 nights ago, re-ran a parity sync and all was well for 1 night, then again, the parity drive shows as "Faulty" yesterday morning and lists the parity as invalid. I also disabled my cache drive at the moment, as someone mentioned seeing errors on that. Could someone take a look at files and see if they can find what keeps causing the parity device becoming disabled? I did check all cables and swapped out the sata cable on the parity with a new one. The parity is connected to a 2 port sata PCI-e. I did buy a new card today, but appreciate if anyone can glean data from my diagnostics. Thanks! unraid-diagnostics-20160409-1546.zip
  7. Hello, About 2 weeks I noticed that my parity drive (WD 4TB RED, nasware 3.0) was listed as "Faulty" and the parity drive had been disabled. I assumed it to be the drive, so I contacted Western Digital and they quickly sent me a new drive. I put the new drive in, re-built the parity and had no issues for a couple of days, but now I see again that this new parity drive is listed as "Faulty" and the parity drive has been disabled again. I have no idea what's going on. A link to my syslog is here (was too big to post.) personal.pixelgraft.com/ExternalFiles/syslog.1.zip Reading other posts, maybe it's the controller card going faulty or file system issues? Any advice is appreciated! At the moment, I can't write anything to the array, as I am also receiving Access Denied alerts. Screenshots attached.
  8. searched forums / wiki a bit more and found the below, which I ran in another telnet session and that fixed the issues. Not sure why it was "stuck" in the first place. nohup /usr/local/sbin/emhttp &
  9. Hi, I upgraded my 6.0.1 system to 6.1.6 using the web gui and then after a bit, the web gui went down. I get 'webpage not available' when I try to hit the web gui, which is on a static IP on my network. I can telnet into my unraid and I also see it in my network devices (I'm on Win 7 64). I've tried reverting back to my previous version, but I still can't get into the gui. One more thing I tried was deleting the plugins, and then rebooting, but still no luck. Attached is my syslog that I pulled from typing 'diagnostics' in a telnet putty command prompt. Any help is appreciated! syslog.zip
  10. Just installed this and it works great on 6.0.1 as well. Maybe I'm not understanding how this all works yet, but can someone tell me where all of the the .conf files exist, such as the httpd.conf, mod_php.conf, httpd-vhosts.conf? Do I just manually create these and place them in my "config" folder?
  11. SlrG, Thanks for the help. I can post a SyLog, but I'd rather just revert back to 6.01. I initially did the upgrade from V5.x to V6.01, but then did the "auto upgrade" within the web GUI once I saw that limetech had an update available.
  12. Hi all, I'm having an issue with the proftpd service not starting even though I have said "yes" in the settings and started / enabled the plugin. I just installed the PLG that is linked in the in the first post from github by using the "install plugin" in unRAID 6.01. I've created a new ftpuser as well. Other services on my box are working fine and port forwarding as needed (no-ip, air video, Apache, Maria db, owncloud). I just can't get the ftp service to start. Any tricks I can do to see what's up? Any help is appreciated.
  13. Just upgraded to 6.0.1, and the only issue I have so far is that I can't choose a template when adding new docker container. See attached screenshots, what am I doing wrong?
  14. How does one get into the simple features web gui after install? I downloaded the .ZIP, created a folder called "plugins" on the root of my flash drive, copied all of the PLG files into the new "plugins" folder, stopped the array, rebooted, re-started the array and I still have the standard gui at . What else needs to be done that's not listed in the instructions? I'm on unRAID Server Plus version: 5.0-rc12a