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  1. I have some strange thing, i got a DELL H200 External SAS Controller, and a External Htachi SAS Case, for some reason i can see the SAS Drives in the system report but i can't assign them. If i use istead SATA drives it works, they show up and i can assign them to the array. Any thoughts on this ?
  2. I have restartet the server, run the filesystem check and now the mover works, but the check did not find any errors very strange
  3. as i cant stop the array as the mover is supossed to be running hw do i change this settings or make the filesystem check?
  4. sure! i have transferd a few Gb to the unraid from a wndows machine now the transfer stoped mid wway and i see the cache is full and nothing is moving anymore...
  5. Ok. das hört sich gut an. Danke für den Tip
  6. Danke für den Tip, aber macht unraid nicht stress wenn man mehr als einePlatte tauscht in einem Rutsch? ich dachte ich kann dann das Array nicht neu starten?
  7. Hallo! Ich habe in einem Externen 15 Slot Case per SCA 8 SATA 2 TB Platten die möchte ich jetzt durch 15 SAS 4 TB Platten ersetzen, Die Platten sind im Moment alle Leer also unbenutzt. Wie stelle ich das am besten an? Ich will wen möglich nicht nach jedem Platten wechsel einen neuen Paritätschcek machen dann dauert die Aktion ja 4 Monate...
  8. Kann ich SATA un SAS Platten bei Unraid in einem Array mixen?
  9. I think i did some mistake, i installed the docker, and used wrong path for ploting so the container was full. I decidet then to remove the docker of chia to start over. But now i get this error and have not really a idea how to fix that... oot@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='chia' --net='host' -e TZ="Europe/Berlin" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'keys'='/root/.chia/mnemonic.txt' -e 'full_node_port'='' -e 'farmer_address'='' -e 'farmer_port'='' -e 'testnet'='false' -e 'farmer'='false' -e 'harvester'='false' -e 'TCP_PORT_8444'='8444
  10. you made my day 🙂 thanks for the solution
  11. What I don't understand is, that nobody of the developers looks into this problem. I have a freenas with the same components what does not make any problem ever, my CentOS server also never makes this problems, but unraid does. Unraid is the only paid software of this and I like the concept, but I expect this problems to be solved ASAP, as it is clearly a bug, and it is there for a long long time...
  12. Sure is no problem to do that for me, but i had for example recomanded Unraid to many friends, and they are not very fit with IT they would need to have a working tool to use unraid. so most of them gave up before even installing.