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  1. Chiming in to say I'm rooting for you, because I seek this as well. Have you tried the things detailed in this post? It specifies that a certain build of Windows is required as well as enabling nested virtualization from your terminal. I have tried a number of things myself but have not gotten even as far as you've made it, apparently. Interested to know if this will ever be solved and accessible to non-power-users.
  2. I run an AsRock Rack X470D4U, which also only offers USB 3 in its various permutations. It does not even have an internal USB 2.0 header. I'll give a brief history of my booting experiences: When I first bought the board, I had the usual IT-tinkerer's collection of no-name flash drives, or brand name flash drives that were quite old (like pre-USB3 old). I tested every flash drive I owned using Unraid trial keys, and every single stick gave me similar results: Some sticks simply would not boot AND I had to physically change stick ports every time I rebooted my machine, and
  3. Man, good effort. Has anyone managed to get this working? PSU stats exported to telegraf / influxDB would be amazing.
  4. I love this community, and the ease of startup (as a nearly complete noob, got my first VM up and running yesterday!) I would like to see some native USB creation tools within the GUI
  5. Hey Skrumpy I'm in a similar boat as you, but I don't have the experience yet and my needs are lower. All I'm hoping to accomplish is a virtual 1080p light gaming (Dark Souls Remastered at the most) machine for myself, a virtual 1080p light gaming (WoW at the most) machine for my wife, a basic home media storage solution for my family with mobile streaming options (to tablet, phone, laptop, etc), and preferably a virtualized pfSense router on top of that. Bonus points for remote access options for management purposes. Both virtual machine peripherals would be in the same room as the server, no
  6. Currently planning and building my first unRAID server now. Some bling would certainly start things off nicely Also unRAID and I share a birthday ❤️