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  1. So I installed my new gpu in to my Unraid server (GTX 1650), installed your plugin, and configured Plex to use my gpu. I didn't hack the driver just installed the one your plugin uses but I was still able to go over the 2 stream limit. Did I miss something? I thought you could only have 2 streams.
  2. Hello I have the MinecraftBasicServer installed and I am trying to open the console. I tried using the following command but I get this error message. docker exec -u minecraft -ti screen -xS Minecraft Error: No such container: screen I then tried it using the docker's console and got this error. sh: 1: docker: not found Am I just not entering it in the wrong place?
  3. I love the fact that I can just pop in a new drive and expand my storage and not have to rebuild anything. This is the main reason why I chose UNRAID and not FreeNAS. I would love to have a Discord notification built in. Also I would love to have off-site backups happen automatically to another UNRAID server.
  4. Got a home nas setup had to chose what os to run on it. After a bit of research found unRAID and it is the best tool for the job. Getting it setup on my server couldn't of been easier.