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  1. I had forgotten to change the path to use user instead of mnt. Everything is working now! Thank you for putting up with my newbie questions and helping me out!
  2. I'm still getting the same error, although now it seems to be checking twice. I was attempting to use it with the same module, Contest Of Champions 0492. log.txt
  3. Now it's stuck in a loop trying to start up.
  4. I'm using 6.8.3, and I have a 256gb nvme drive setup as the cache drive.
  5. I hadn't installed those, so that might be part of the problem for the Aielund mod file, but I am also unable to get Contest of Champions 0492 to run, even after updating the container. Edit: I am still getting the same error of my modules folder being empty.
  6. Trying to get NWN EE server running. It keeps saying the Modules folder is empty, despite the required module file being present. Run Script: Log Output: Files: