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  1. This worked perfectly - thank you!
  2. Nice, thanks for the tip @Newbie. I haven't had a need to downgrade a docker before.
  3. Hello there! There has been a large update to Wallabag and now the docker appears to not work any more. https://github.com/wallabag/wallabag/releases/tag/2.4.0 I get the following errors: Starting provisioner... [WARNING]: Found both group and host with same name: localhost [WARNING]: Platform linux on host localhost is using the discovered Python interpreter at /usr/bin/python3, but future installation of another Python interpreter could change this. See https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/2.9/referen ce_appendices/interpreter_discovery.html for more infor
  4. Issue has already been fixed and the docker updated. All is well.
  5. Brilliant, thanks! I'll keep my eye on the issue.
  6. It seems the latest update of the golinks docker failed for me. Is it possible for me to revert to the previous version of the docker? /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='golinks' --net='bridge' -e TZ="Europe/Berlin" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -p '8000:8000/tcp' 'prologic/golinks:latest' 266d22bc8926dbf457ba011dad3cdc4948733182ca677081804a3c4c41f40905 /usr/bin/docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:346: starting container process caused "exec: "/start.sh": permission denied": unknown.
  7. Hm, probably because I had no idea that I could! Thanks, that's a great tip! Yeah, sometimes I'll go for the easier route, when I just want things to work. Is this the best solution though? Or does a reverse proxy make more sense? I could just assign a unique IP address for NginxProxyManager and let that handle the rest, which would make it a bit easier for me to go back to exposing dockers to the internet in the future, should I want to do that (I'd need to know more about intrusion detection and prevention first..). I must admit that I enjoy poking at stuff for edutainment, but somet
  8. Hello! I hope I'm posting in the right place - maybe this is a pfSense question. I am currently trying to assign FQDN to my docker containers running on my Unraid server. The reason is that I want to switch from exposing my dockers to the internet and instead connect to my LAN through OpenVPN for increased security. I have a pfSense router running my OpenVPN server. On my pfSense router I have rules to forward HTTP and HTTPS traffic to the NginxProxyManager on Unraid, and it's working as intended with certificates from LetsEncrypt. I have e.g. nextcloud.mydomain.com, pi
  9. Can you please add gcp (Goffi's cp)? https://code.lm7.fr/mcy/gcp Thanks!
  10. Could you please update to the latest version of ncdu? Current version 1.12 that I can see is from August 2016, and 1.13 adds the nice --color flag option for dark terminal windows. Thanks!
  11. That's a great little addon! Thanks for the suggestion, it works for me. Some more user customization would be fantastic. I don't know if it's feasible though? Usage of ./golinks: -bind="": [int]:<port> to bind to -config="": config file -dbpath="search.db": database path -fqdn="localhost:8000": FQDN for public access -suggest="https://suggestqueries.google.com/complete/search?client=firefox&q=%s": default URL to retrieve search suggestions from -title="Search": OpenSearch title -url="https://www.google.com/search?q=%s&btnK": defau
  12. Question about the Golinks docker From what I can see, the run command is golinks -bind -fqdn localhost:8000 Firefox on my local computer uses the FQDN address set to localhost:8000 which obviously won't work as Golinks is running on my Unraid server. Chrome used the IP address and worked as it should. Is it possible to have the FQDN configurable so I can use "unraidbox:8000"? Or use IP only? Thanks!
  13. Nice! No rush to add it to your repo if you don't feel it's ready. The ArchiveBox project is likely to progress slowly due to the author not having too much time. It's an interesting project though! On the subject of bookmark managers/read it later tools, did you consider Shaarli as well? It's not very pretty, but it does look interesting, and development is somewhat active. https://github.com/shaarli/Shaarli https://shaarli.readthedocs.io/en/master/docker/docker-101/
  14. Your Shiori and Wallabag containers are great! If you're looking for another project, here's a tip - mainly because I'm curious about it! Archivebox: https://archivebox.io/ Docker info: https://github.com/pirate/ArchiveBox/wiki/Docker
  15. Hey! Thanks so much for the Wallabag docker. It works perfectly for me and no problems with NPM. I see that new user registration is enabled by default which may not be ideal for everyone. I added the variable SYMFONY__ENV__FOSUSER_REGISTRATION and set it to false which removes the option to self-register.