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  1. has anyone got imessage and the appstore working? they keep coming up can not connect to apple servers for me
  2. when i updated it made it a lot faster but sadly i cant use apple id
  3. i think it will work because it made another loader on clover and it downloading the second part now.
  4. how would you do that just copy the file on to my main pc?
  5. i was wondering if i can do updates and upgrade to macos catalina?
  6. i was wondering if one i can do updates and 2 can i upgrade to catalina?
  7. what i like about unraid for the 30 days i had it was the vms. i was running a windows 7 that ran my servers and it ran amazing for a 7 year old pc. what i like to do is make a pc for unraid so i can run all of the i think 10 minecraft servers i had.